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The Best Ideas for Christmas Emails to Reach a Spike in Holiday Sales

Christmas is the time when it’s particularly important to attract potential customers and return the former ones by means of email marketing.

The Best Ideas for Christmas Emails to Reach a Spike in Holiday Sales

In this article, we will give you some ideas for the Christmas emails that will help you to prevent drastic declines in sales volumes during this holiday season. So, let’s start.

Christmas Email Marketing Best Ideas

Keep Customers Up-to-date

Customers should always be timely informed about the offers that are currently valid in your store so that they can include them in their end-of-the-year shopping plans.

For example, Rose&Dove, the American gift web store, recently organized the holiday sales campaign with the special offer that was available only during the so-called “holiday hours”. This way, the company sent its subscribers email reminders and created the sense of urgency among customers.

Share Gift Ideas

At Christmas, gift giving becomes one of the most discussed topics among shoppers. So, why not add some more value to your Christmas email campaign by sharing gift ideas with subscribers? This will only make them more grateful and loyal to your brand.

This holiday season, the Neiman Marcus clothing and accessories store, sends shoppers emails reminding them about its GiftNow service mainly designed for the last-minute gift buyers. In such emails, the company indicates the major benefits of this service, including prompt gift suggestions, size and color picking, free shipping services, and so on. By opening such emails, customers immediately see the value of this service, as its key benefits are highlighted with bright fonts.

The ASOS world-famous clothing store decided to present its Christmas gift ideas in a bit different way. The brand divided its special offers into several groups depending on the price segment of the products offered. In its marketing emails, ASOS presents these product groups in the form of individual sections, and the recipients can get gift guides on each particular group by clicking on the corresponding call-to-action button.

Using the ASOS’s technique in your Christmas emails, you can save your customers from the need to filter special offers in your store by prices. Instead, they will be directly forwarded to the appropriate holiday product catalog from their mailboxes.

Pay Attention to Cart Abandonment

Like in any holiday season, at Christmas, your sales are particularly vulnerable to decreasing. One of the ways to minimize this risk is to take care of those shoppers who abandon their carts for some reason.

Several years ago, the Mamas&Papas baby clothes and accessories retail store organized the follow-up email campaign that ran the last day before Christmas. The campaign targeted those prospects who abandoned their carts in the store without making the purchase in the last 30 days.

Using the same method, you can notably decline the bounce rate in your store during this holiday season. In addition to advertising your Christmas offers, consider adding cart restoring links to your emails so that customers can seamlessly come back to their previously abandoned carts.

Thank Your Audience

At the end of the year, businesses usually summarize their yearly work, the results of which would not be possible without their loyal audience. That’s why a good tactic here will be thanking your shoppers for their loyalty to your brand during this year to keep this loyalty in the future.

The Woolrich outdoor clothing store resolves this issue by sending its subscribers emails thanking them for being its regular customers during this year. To make the most of this tactic, the brand congratulates subscribers on the holidays and advertises its winter clearance sale. This way, Woolrich not only encourages customers to shop from them but also attracts their attention to the seasonal offer.

The Marker Hotel uses this tactic in a bit other way. In addition to thanking the past guests in its emails, the hotel introduces the special announcement of Christmas days off. This is another good example how to effectively combine the words of gratitude with some other equally important messages in one email.

Present Your Offers Creatively

Creative advertising emails attract attention to the related offers. Of course, presenting customers gift ideas in emails is undoubtedly creative, still, this is not the only way to make your offer more appealing to them.

Last year, the H&M world fashion brand organized the so-called ‘Christmas Jumper Day’ with special offers for particular items, mainly jumpers, in the store’s catalog. Thus, the brand used emails to advertise clothes from its holiday catalog so that customers could proceed to the related product pages right from their mailboxes.

The Boots UK cosmetics store does this well by sending its shoppers the emails that advertise “star gifts”. Those gifts are the special offers that are perfectly suitable for Christmas gifts.

For a better presentation of its holiday offers, the brand uses some pictures of the related items with the “black-and-gold” background so that these items will look luxurious. The pictures also contain all the major information presenting the value of these offers.

So, note these ideas to make your email offer presentation truly eye-catching.

Create the Sense of Urgency

Customers are more inclined to make purchases in a store when they feel that the offer is time-limited. And one of the ways to create the sense of urgency is to point out these limitations of your Christmas offers.

Last Christmas, Astley Clarke, the London-based fashion brand, sent its subscribers emails with the “The time is now” slogan, this way, reminding them that they should hurry up to make holiday purchases in the store at the special discount. Those letters also indicated the exact day and time when the offer expired so that customers could plan their purchases accordingly.

Still, this is not the only technique that can notably contribute to the sense of urgency. Let’s consider the following example.

David Jones, women's clothes and accessories store, decided to promote its Christmas offers in the series of emails called “# Days of Christmas”. Using the easy-to-understand subject lines in its emails, every day, the brand promotes a new offer. In addition to the offer itself, each email contains the timer that counts down the time during which the corresponding offer is valid.

Such timers create a strong incentive for customers to shop the item at the provided discount while it’s still available.

By implementing some of these ideas or combining them, you can attract more attention to your Christmas offers. Still, for the seamless organization of effective marketing emails, you should consider using some time-proven solutions.

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