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Come Join aheadWorks Team on the Trip to Meet Magento Russia!

While the summer is reaching its end, new Magento meetup season is just starting. We are excited to see more countries getting involved in Magento community and Russia is one of them. Come join aheadWorks team on a trip to Moscow to attend Meet Magento Russia August 24!

Meet Magento Russia

Meet Magento Russia 2013 will be hosted in Moscow by dear friend and official partner of aheadWorks - Turnkey Ecommerce Solutions. aheadWorks is acting as a sponsor of Meet Magento RU with outstanding speakers from our team to be there.

Take a look at the presentations aheadWorks top managers will deliver to you.

Cyril Golub_aheadWorksCyril Golub, Co-founder of aheadWorks – “Moving from Projects to Products: How Newcomers Can Do as Good as Veterans of Magento Ecosystem in 2013.

A brief description:

Despite a huge number of vendors on Magento Connect, every Magento developer has an opportunity to introduce his or her own extensions. Development is not that difficult after all; but how to stand out from rival players and turn a product into a stable generator of cash flow?

What strategies do leaders embrace and is it possible to take a significant market share away from them? And finally - what’s the risk of copying someone else’s strategies and cloning third party products?

Peter Samoilov_aheadWorksPeter Samoilov, CTO at aheadWorks – “The Struggle for Time: Mechanization of Magento development on the battlefield.

A brief description:

* Who should think and who should work?

* Why do Magento extension providers need mechanization and how to use it?

* How can one automation save plenty of time to a bunch of folks?

* Continual integration: 1000 and 1 task for CI.

* CI server? Give me 2! Let’s use Remote Agent.

* Selenium? PHPUnit? Implement with caution.

We also have one presentation in reserve. Let’s keep it a secret for a while ;) As always, we’ll bring flyers with discount coupons on aheadWorks Magento extensions, so don’t miss them.

If you understand Russian, find more about Meet Magento RU here. Otherwise, leave your questions below or contact Irina Tsumarava for more information. See you there!