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Correct Your Sales Policy According to the Types of Customers

How often do you think about the correctness of the chosen sales strategy?

Of course, selling right things to right people works, but what about more detailed approach? The best way to improve your sales policy is to perform customer segmentation analysis. Segmentation is a tool which helps you take in account factors that affect the decision-making process for each group of customers. After some research, we singled out the most common groups of online customers.


Bargain Hunters

Sales, special offers, discounts, coupons – it’s all about Bargain Hunters. They are never get tired of browsing and searching for the best deal. That means you have lots of chances to lure Bargain Hunters to your online store. All you need for success is a little bit of imagination!

Motivate customers. Thematic sales and offers are always fun. They help you convert visitors into your customers. Take care of your visitors, show your attention, help them to make first step towards strong relationships. Create individual and group coupons, organize limited time offers and special holiday sales, make them noticeable for your visitors and customers, and they definitely won’t pass by!

Offer free shipping.
According to the statistics, one of the most common reasons for abandoning cart is paid shipping. Offer free shipping to increase your online sales and motivate your customers to spend more.


These customers know what they want, they are purposeful and searching for a particular product. Even if you have this product in your store, it doesn’t mean that the Seeker will buy it from you. So let’s go thru some aspects on how to affect them to make a purchase.

Stand out and become findable.
Usually, this group of customers use search engine to find a product. That’s the way they are getting directly on the product page. If you want your store to be a competitive one, use keywords for better ranking. In case your potential customer gets on a Home page, make sure the usability of your internal search is good enough to find any product or information about it.

Let the prices work for you.
Nobody wants to pay more for nothing, extra money only for extra values. It means that your price could be higher, but your offer should be better (great customer service, free support, free shipping, etc.). Give your customers the ability to compare prices.


Window Shoppers

This group is exactly the opposite of Seekers. They are surfing your online store without a specific purpose and obvious need. Customers of this kind are looking for new ideas and interesting stuff.

Is it going to be hard to convert them from just watchers to your customers? For sure!

Apply a strategy of attractiveness.
Online shopping makes it impossible to touch a product or to take a closer look at it. There is a way to compensate this aspect – use all available opportunities to make your products more real.

Add different views and large photos of products, show details, and let your customers share their opinion or video.

Let them share.
Social media helps to become popular among wide audience of your potential customers. Imagine, even if this kind of customers won’t buy anything, at least they can tell everyone about great things they found in your store. Add share buttons for the most popular social networks.


This group of customers knows what they want but they are open for suggestions.

For example, somebody wants to buy a mobile but not sure about brand or model of the phone. To encourage these visitors to buy your products, you need a little patience and lots of work.

Tell useful information.
Keep all the information in your store up to date. Make sure the descriptions of your products are complete and trustworthy.

Besides, additional tutorials and general interesting posts that might be useful are also required. Use blog and knowledge base to attract new visitors and as a result boost your sales.

Structure your store.
Help your visitors to find what they want. Navigation plays a great role while shopping in online store. Use related products blocks to provide all possible options for purchase.

Always think about your visitors, do everything for their convenience. Once they find something they need in a quick way and without difficulties, they will become your regular customers. Your success is in your hands. Good luck!