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Discover New Ideas with Featured Products 3!

Featured Products 3

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Boost your sales with a must-have Featured Products 3 Magento extension! Don’t let your customers leave without a purchase – attract them with catchy elements of website design and appealing presentation.

The challenge of each online business owner is to make the "Featured products" store section truly stand out to get the desired impact. The Featured Products 3 Magento module will make it for you. It will lure customers to explore the features and benefits of products in your store.

Today we are glad to release Featured Products 3 v.3.5!

With a new version of this great Magento extension, you are getting even more opportunities to attract new customers.

Featured Products 3 v.3.5 allows displaying rating stars of products in the "Featured products" block. Motivate your customers to buy highly rated products.

Rating Stars

If you want this feature to work, select the "Grid" representation of the block and change the position into "Yes" in the "Show Rating" field.

Settings for rating stars

Another great feature is that you can decide, whether to display newest/oldest products first, or you can let them be displayed randomly. This feature is available if you're putting the "Automation Type" field into position "None".

Automation Setting

Find the complete list of features on the Featured Products 3 page.