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Ecommerce Platforms Popularity, October 2015: Top Five Solutions Take Three Quarters of the Market

The tectonic transformation of Magento we currently witness happens amid the increasing competition inside the ecommerce platforms market. Some of them rise, while the other ones fall, but what is the place of Magento in this lumpy sea?

We all want Magento to broaden its share or at least keep the status quo. So, this October we conduct our next ecommerce platforms popularity study to discover current competition circumstances.

Study Description

As usually, this study takes into consideration the Alexa 1 Million Top web sites pool and picks out cart functionality sites. Taking this bulk of stores for 100% we determine individual shares of the studied ecommerce platforms.

Pay AttentionThe obtained results are accurate only under specific conditions of this study.

Study Results

The thing that should have happened is that Magento CE now takes the second position among most popular ecommerce platforms. But, together with Magento EE, it is still bigger than WooCommerce.

Diagram 1. Ecommerce Platforms Popularity, October 2015

Ecommerce Platforms Popularity, October 2015

It seems that no one is able to stop WooCommerce expanding its share within the ecommerce platforms market. Just for five month it grew by 2.3% and brought WooCommrce to the leading position in our study.

Frankly speaking, the WooCommerce relative growth rate (= current growth rate related to the previous study share) is reducing from +14% in May 2015 to +9.9% in October 2015, but it is still absolutely amazing considering its current market share.

Magento CE decreased slightly (-0.5% compared to May, 2015) and now takes the second position of the chart below. However, Magento EE shows a steady growth and its RGR (Relative Growth Rate) is +10.8%.

Table 1. Top 10 Ecommerce Platforms, October 2015

Top 10 Ecommerce Platforms, October 2015

The Top 10 Ecommerce Platforms list remains the same, generally. Only Demandware replaced Zen Cart among the most popular platforms with the 22.3% RGR gain. Simultaneously, it is the biggest RGR showing in the Top, while Volusion is the most unsuccessful player.

Traditionally, Shopify grows with remarkable RGRs and comes close to PrestaShop, but the last one still resists. On the whole, five top 10 players grow, and four ones decrease.

Table 2. Ecommerce Platforms Relative Growth Rate, October 2015

Ecommerce Platforms Relative Growth Rate, October 2015

Building the table of RGRs for all platforms we can discover that this time Miva took up the challenge vigorously and increased by incredible 2756%. The total amount of the Miva newly discovered web stores in Alexa 1 Million is tiny, of course, but we should certainly note this fact. Still, last time it was the most decreasing platform, so its position within Alexa 1 Mln is greatly unstable.

On the whole, the number of decreasing platforms is twice greater than the number of the growing ones. So, it seems that several most popular platforms are involving the majority stores and, this way, transforming the market.

This consideration becomes even more evident, when we take a look at the four most popular platforms, which won together 3.6% of the total market over the past five months and hold 74% of the total market.

Compared to the May study, the next platforms continue their growth:

    • IBM Web Sphere;


    • Shopify;


    • Magento EE;


    • WooCommerce;


    • Hybris;


    • Demandware.

Key Findings

    • Magento CE + Magento EE hold the largest share – 31.04%;


    • WooCommerce leads in the individual standings with the 26% share;


    • 4 leading platforms continue to conquest the market. Their joint share increased from 70.3% in May to 73.92% in October 2015;


    • Demandware is the most growing platform in the Top 10 (+22.3%);


    • Miva is the most growing platform of the study (+2756%), but its share is greatly unstable;


    • Woocommerce, Magento EE, Shopify Demandwrae, Hybris, IBM Web Sphere continue to grow for the second time in a row;


    • The number of decreasing platforms is twice bigger than the number of increasing ones;


    • Magento CE + WooCommerce together hold the 50.8% market share.

Lately: Magento 2 - one more player has come.


According to our previous studies, Magento CE is more successful in 10K and 100K Alexa Top websites listings, while WooCommerce is bigger within Alexa 1 Mln, from now on. Still, Magento CE and Magento EE editions together retain leadership.