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Everyone is welcome to aheadWorks forum!

We are not tired to repeat that feedback is very important part of our work. We care your satisfaction with our products and always highly appreciate opinion of every customer. That's why we try to use as many ways of communication as possible - aheadWorks Blog, Magento Group, Twitter - and from today you gain one more way to express your thoughts and share ideas - aheadWorks Magento forum.

Everyone can visit our forum, register and discuss any topic of interest:

General questions

In this topic you are free to debate any issue that doesn't fall under other topics listed below.

Help me choose

Doubt whether this or that extension will work for you? Which module is better for you store? How would it perform on your store? Resolve all your doubts in this topic.

Don't be afraid to ask questions - there is nothing worse than to be in the dark and have nobody to help.
Don't be shy to answer - your valuable experience and up-to-date advice can help those who have hesitations.

Installation and configuration

This topic is devoted to installation and configuration tips & tricks. Share yours and learn other people secrets how to set up this or that extension to get better functionality.

You can discuss any installation or configuration problems here as well - you can get the answer from the same aheadWorks extensions users as you.

Feature requests

Use an aheadWorks extension but miss any functionality? Have thoughts like "This extension is good but if it could do this or that, I would surely have it"? Stop keeping these ideas in your mind - discuss them in this topic and share what features you require. They have good chances to be implemented.

Request a new extension

If you are running a store of certain direction and need some specific extension, or require a module adapted especially for Magento-based store, or just want some plugin able to do this or that, describe your request here – chances are we push it into development. Probably, somebody holds the same views or requires the same software?!


This topic is devoted to discussion of any questions concerning licensing and legal points. You have good chances to get a well-grounded answer or qualified help from experts among forum members.


Running a store with our extensions? List it here and boast how you’ve managed to make your online store more profitable, eye-catching or easy-to-navigate with aheadWorks modules. May be somebody will give you a hint how to improve the extension functionality and make it work more efficiently for your store - lookers-on see more than players.

Hurry up to become the first in the showroom list! We are all eager to see how you are doing!

Visit aheadWorks forum, share your ideas and learn what other people think.

Note: aheadWorks doesn't render any kind of support via forum! To request support use this form or Help Desk from your customer account.