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Subscriptions and Recurring Payments – is available now!

This release seems to be the most expected, and today there is a serious reason to rejoice - Subscriptions & Recurring Payments with support is finally released!

Of course, the fact that this popular payment gateway has been implemented in the Subscriptions & Recurring Payments Magento module is extremely notable itself, but you shouldn't think that it's the only advantage of the new version. The following features and minor bug fixes make the extension even more flexible and stable than before:

    • Reworked email templating system for alerts


    • Custom order status for subscription activation


    • Access lists support for Periodicity, Subscriptions list and Subscriptions alerts


    • Subscription products can be included in CSV export


    • If no subscription price, 0 is displayed at frontend


    • Attempt to view empty subscribers list crashes Magento


    • Minor bugfixes

Want Subscriptions & Recurring Payments right now? Find it on the extension page!

We are still waiting for the ideas what payment gateways YOU need! Share your requirements with us and they have good chances to be implemented in the nearest future.

By the way, the PayPal payment gateway is on its way and will be available in the next version.