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Magento extensions for any idea you may have

Three weeks ago I put out a call on our Facebook fan page for submitting your store URLs. I’ve had a great time looking through all of them and have picked one favorite to tell our community about this Magento store success & experience. Thanks to everybody who has sent one in.

So, meet Magento merchant Bart Nanka in our monthly store showcase.


What: Mudbrick Cottage Herb Farm is a family owned business. The store sells organic herb plants, dried herbs, spices, and herbal teas.

Where: Gold Coast, Australia

Q: How long have you been running your store?

We have been running our store on Magento since November 2009.

Q: Why did you choose Magento as your current platform?

I researched a lot of the good ecommerce platforms around, but none have the flexibility and the amount of users and developers contributing to the platform. Making it easy to find answers to your problems and extensions for any idea you may have.

Q: Did you have to move your store from any other platform to Magento?

We had to move our store from a framework called Dotnetnuke to Magento after finding out the extension we used in Dotnetnuke was a copied software and shut down.

Q: Why did you choose aheadWorks as a Magento extensions provider?

I chose aheadWorks as a Magento extension provider because you always release good quality extensions and have great support. If you ever have problems they will take care of it, and even fix compatibility issues with other extensions.

Q: Do you use only aheadWorks extensions in your store?
No, we use extensions from some other random providers, but primarily we use aheadWork extensions.

Q: Name aheadWorks extensions you use?

Q: What’s the most powerful extension/s for you and why?

The most powerful extension I think for our website at the moment is the Automatic Product Callouts, because we always are out of stock of herbs. We use the Automatic Product Callout extension to display the most popular herbs that are in stock at the top for that category.

Second favorite would have to be Search Autocomplete and Suggest. Anyone can search our whole catalogue in a matter of seconds without page loading.

Q: Describe your experience in using our extensions.

My experience with aheadWorks extensions have been great. I am not a designer/developer so it is awesome when I can just install it in 2 minutes and it works. There are some CSS changes and some code changes that I get my developer to work out.

If there is a problem with the extension that I think aheadWorks should look at, they usually fix it and go above and beyond within 48 hours.

Q: Extension of your dream. What extension would you like to use in your store that hasn’t been released yet?

Product preview in Magento category pages. So when you hover over the product a pop up appears with a cut down version of the product page.

Q: Any recommendations for people evaluating Magento?

A: For the people evaluating different ecommerce platforms, Magento is the one to go with at the moment. Its open sourced, lots of extensions are developed, and information on problems is well documented on the internet.

Thank you Bart.

P.S. If you would like to share your store with Magento society, please feel free to contact me at [email protected].