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Faster orders management with brand new Order Tags extension

On the threshold of Christmas and New Year, aheadWorks Co. has prepared a set of special presents for all Magento-based store owners. We hope that you are watching the increase of mobile sales with our iPhone Theme (which is Android compatible, by the way) or have probably participated in aheadWorks NY promo (if not, hurry up – the offer lasts till 12/31/2010)

Today we are glad to announce another surprise of ours – the new Magento Order Tags extension. It is a perfect solution for those who want to organize, prioritize, and filter orders by their attributes. Our Magento module gives store administrators an ability to set a tag (icon) for each order manually or specify conditions for their automatic assignment.

The native Magento Orders page is not very functional and it doesn’t give you wide possibilities to filter orders in the way you need. The Order Tags extension allows grouping orders by their attributes through adding tags to each order.

Our module adds a special column at the Orders page which allows defining flags for orders. But you can always automate the process of tags assignment by specifying certain conditions – order obtains N status, order subtotal equals X, grand total is more than Y, shipping\billing country is B, etc.


User-friendly and easy to run

  • Select tags in pop-up window

    Change (add new or remove existent) tags assigned to order directly at the Orders page in the pop-up window – it saves your time as only grid is reloaded.



  • Define several tags for 1 order

    The Order Tags extension allows assigning several tags to one order at a time what makes orders prioritization more precise.



  • Group orders by tags

    Order Tags is extremely helpful for large stores with great number of orders as the extension allows filtering and grouping orders by any tag and consequently by any order attribute.



  • Auto-tagging on admin-specified rules

    You can specify conditions (and even combinations of conditions) for every tag and in accordance with these rules, icons will be automatically added to orders. The flags which don’t correspond to the conditions will disappear.



  • Unlimited tags

    Non-restricted number of tags implies wide opportunities for priority recognition and precise orders grouping.

Customizable tags:

  • Default set of tag icons

    The extension package includes a set of many-colored icons. So you can use the Order Tags extension immediately after installation – no additional uploads required.

  • Ability to upload custom tag icons

    You can differentiate tags not only by different icon colors (e.g. garish for urgent orders) but various subject images (e.g. national flags for specified billing\shipping countries, or manufacturer logo for certain SKUs).

  • Tags sort order

    Establish the priority of tags displaying in the pop-up window – give first positions to the most popular flags and let less common ones show up at the end of the list.



Find the extension screenshots and demo on the Order Tags page.