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Social bookmarking for speedy sales – welcome brand new Sociable extension

Nobody would deny the great impact the social media has on promoting one’s business, increasing website traffic, creating valuable backlinks, and getting referral customers. But rushing in the world of 1000+ social bookmarking sites alone is rather hasty – just imagine how much time you’ll need to register with at least 15 most popular services and post links there at least once a day.

With the Sociable extension this whole mess becomes easy and well-organized. Once having this Magento module configured, you get a perfect solution for bookmarking your products and store pages. The Sociable add-on allows your site visitors to share any page of your Magento store on any social networking site.

Moreover, with the Sociable extension for Magento  you can always track which products and how many times have been bookmarked. Thus the clicks statistics allows you to correct your marketing strategy in time if something goes in the wrong direction.

The secret of the Sociable add-on is simple – the more people bookmark your Magento store, the higher rank it has in search engines, and the higher conversion rate you finally gain. Let your visitors promote your site on the web for you!

With the Sociable extension, you get a set of powerful features:

  • Ability to add multiple social network services

  • 15 preinstalled services, incl. the world’s most popular, Digg, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, StumbleUpon

  • Ability to enable\disable certain services

  • Upload any image for service icon

  • Ability to use short links

  • Ability to enable opening service in new window

  • Ability to specify sort order for each service

  • Several predefined positions:

    – inside product page

    – sidebar left top

    – sidebar left bottom

    – sidebar right top

    – sidebar right bottom

    – content top

    – content bottom

  • Ability to insert social bookmarks block via CMS, static blocks, or layout

  • Ability to view most bookmarked products

  • Bookmark clicks statistics

  • Ability to reset clicks stats

  • integration

  • Social bookmarks auto-sorting according to number of clicks

  • Tooltip while hovering the cursor over a bookmark

Find the extension demo on the Sociable page.