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First-rate customer service is vital for any business

Proper customer service is the very thing that oils the wheels of your business. While maintaining first-class consumer support you are keeping customers – that is much easier, cheaper and more efficient than obtaining and attracting new clientele. Your customers should feel that you are doing everything possible to resolve their doubts and troubles. If it is so – you have won their loyalty.

aheadWorks development team provides you with a perfect opportunity to take your support service to the highest level with the help of a powerful set of three independent extensions - Help Desk Ultimate, Product Questions and Knowledge Base.

Help Desk Ultimate is a turnkey solution that enriches and refines the process of resolving your customers’ problems. It is easy-to-use system of tickets managing. You can create unlimited number of tickets and edit them from admin panel, link tickets with orders, reassign ticket to other department or lock it so no other department could edit it.

As for the already well-proven Product Questions extension that works with customers’ questions on your store items, it can be integrated with Help Desk Ultimate. The questions are automatically converted into Help Desk tickets and then administrator deals with a properly ranked and arranged list of issues. This greatly facilitates the process of customer care and support management and provides you with an ability to differentiate the hottest topics and afterwards, for example, clarify all the points in the form of a Frequently Asked Questions page.

The perfect assistant in creating FAQs is the Knowledge Base extension. It implicates the usage of the knowledge base to grasp all the information on most popular points, create articles, group them in categories and display on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Customers should know that they are not left face to face with their problems. Provide first-rate customer service and you would be amazed how thankful satisfied customers are - they will surely prove their appreciation coming back to your store over and over again.