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Free Lifetime Updates of Aheadworks Extensions

Updated: On December 22, 2022 the updated version of End User License Agreement was published (effective of February 1 , 2022). Customers still have lifetime right to use extension version they purchased, however further updates are available for customers with active Support and Upgrades Subscription only.


Yes, you heard that right, from now on we provide our customers with free lifetime updates of all our Magento extensions.

This change of the product update terms allows you to get permanent access to the versions with latest functionality capabilities and reliable code for free. Now it’s easy to obtain:

    • Advanced functionality;
    • Improved code;
    • Most secured versions of products;
    • Less bugs;
    • More integration options;
    • More compatibility opportunities.

Free updates apply to both Magento 2 and Magento 1 extensions that are still being actively developed by our team. So, since December 8 all Aheadworks customers will be able to get access to complete changelogs of their products and download the version they need.

Note: Please follow changelogs carefully in order to make sure that you are going to install the product still compatible with your current Magento version.

We Aim

This essential change is going to provide our customers with high-quality code and reduce the number of malfunctions in their stores. Since the latest product versions contain less bugs we also expect to decrease the number of support tickets. And finally, the confidence that most of our customers use the latest product versions will also allow us to better plan our next updates and releases.

You Win

Our customers win regardless of their status either they are just perspectives or regular shoppers. The current clients no longer need to extend support periods just in order to get access to updates. Now they receive an unconditional benefit with the free access to all product versions.

However, new shoppers also get the same additional value until they stay on Magento. The new system is just great for the customers that need an extension licence with the basic support period. But, if extended support is required, we advise you to get it together with the product licence and save rather than to purchase it later separately.

All available updates are listed in your accounts, please check them periodically in order to find out the features or bugfixes you need. And, of course, you can subscribe to our newsletters and get informed by email.

If you need any clarifications on the subject, please contact our support. We’d also appreciate your comments and views. Leave them below in the reviews section.