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More November Extension Updates

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More November Extension Updates

We thought that it’s going to be beneficial for you to walk thru the latest extension updates and new features in order to choose the functionality you possibly need and take advantage of the lowest prices.

Magento 2 Extension Updates

Currently Magento 2 extensions are our main development focus, so we release and update those products at a fast pace. In addition to the already highlighted November updates and new product releases we had four large Magento 2 updates and a bunch of minor refinements.

The AJAX Cart Pro extension for Magento 2AJAX Cart Pro 1.1

Magento Native Cross-sells in Confirmation Pop-ups
This new enhancement of the success AJAX Cart Pro pop-up allows you to show native Magento cross-sell products immediately after a customer adds a certain item to his cart. Alternative products make shoppers to stay longer in your store and consider a wider range of products ensuring the best choice and purchase satisfaction.

Cross-sells in Confirmation Pop-ups

Cross-sells in Confirmation Pop-ups 

Ajax Cart Pro Pop-ups on Product Pages
AJAX Cart Pro 1.1 enables customers to add products to carts and shows success pop-ups on product pages allowing customers to recall the content of their carts and either continue shopping or proceed to the checkout page.

In addition to the above features AJAX cart Pro 1.1 was deeply refactored according to Magento 2 coding standards and equipped with unit tests massively.

The Rich Banner Slider extension for Magento 2Rich Banner Slider 1.1

The Rich Banner Slider extension for Magento 2 is free and popular among our customers. So, we continue developing its functionality and this time it received a new position option - Custom Widget. Now, you can display sliders at almost any position across the store with the help of native Magento widgets functionality.

'Custom Widget' Banner Position

'Custom Widget' Banner Position

As soon as any banner obtains the new ‘Custom Widget’ status from the ‘Edit Banner’ or ‘New Banner’ page, it appears on the Widgets page in the backend. As a result you can add this new custom widget to any page in any position taking advantage of the variations provided by Magento for its native widget blocks.

The Social Login extension for Magento 2Social Login 1.2

With Social Login 1.2 customers are able to use Pinterest to login to Magento 2. This social network is potentially able to simplify access to your store for 100 million active users, according to Pinterest.

This way, in total the module supports 6 social networks, including Twitter, Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest.

The RMA extension for Magento 2RMA 1.0.5

+ Improved UX when create new request;
+ Added ability to add values to default custom fields;
+ Added ability to hide existing values in default custom fields.

Magento 1 Extension Updates

The Advanced Newsletter extension for MagentoAdvanced Newsletter 2.5

Since January 1, 2017 MailChimp stops working with the API 2.x versions and launches a new standard interface API 3.0. So, the Advanced Newsletter 2.5 extension have already moved to the new standard and will continue supporting smooth integration with MailChimp.

Note: If you are using an older version of the Advance Newsletter extension, please take care to update it till the end of 2016.

The Shop by Brand extension for MagentoShop by Brand 1.6

The next version of the Shop by Brand extension enables Magento store owners to improve the URL structure of brand-related pages. The option allows you to either include or exclude brand folders from URL paths. For example, you can set a full URL or its truncated analog 

In addition to the advanced URL settings Shop by Brand 1.6 adds canonical URLs to brand category and individual brand pages. This functionality is especially important for SEO.


November 2016 made a lot of updates live, both major and minor ones. It's impossible to highlight them all, but we can just say that the number of updated and fixed extensions was over 30 this month. Hope that your long-awaited features are also among the implemented enhancements.

Please send any questions on the products above to our support team.