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Free Shipping Price Extension for Convenience of Your Customers

Learn More Before buying any kind of goods, people prefer to compare items. Quality, origin, material, etc. are often taken into consideration. But price often influences the final decision. As a rule, customers of online stores forget about shipping price and notice it only during the purchasing process. This fact of extra charge frustrates them and sometimes results in purchase rejection.

Good news for merchants who want their visitors to be aware of shipping price beforehand! We have released FREE Shipping Price extension that allows using any Magento shipping method and inform customers about shipping price of every product.

Merchants will tell clients how much they should pay for the product shipping, so users can decide whether the price suits them before making a purchase. The following features were implemented in the Shipping Price extension.

Ability to calculate price dynamically with AJAX
Calculation of shipping price is a long-term operation. AJAX is used only once to calculate product shipping price when this info is not cached. If this data is saved in the cache, it helps preventing slow page loads during the second and subsequent generations.

Ability to set default shipping method
It brings you the possibility to choose any shipping Magento method as the default one.

Display shipping price on the category page

Display shipping price on the product page

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