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To the Rescue of Your Physical Offline Shops: Use Store Locator to Highlight Them

We officially announce that Store Locator is no longer in the pre-order status and the extension is available in our store and ready to be used.

This module is a truly must-have solution for merchants operating brick and mortar shops alongside with a Magento-based store. If you are this lucky businessman, you certainly know what gives folks a real pain – the locations of your physical stores hidden deep among neighboring buildings. And while you are thinking over shrewd marketing moves to hit your customers with, they literally get lost on the way to you.

Store Locator

The result wouldn’t be the same if customers saw the map of the area with your stores on it. Many merchants approached us with requests to develop such an extension and we promised them to figure it out. So said, so done.

Today is the day when the Store Locator extension finally appears in our virtual stock to help your clients find the nearest stores with your products. Display your locations on the map and inform customers about places where your offline shops are positioned.

Here is the list of the extension features:

  • Quick store location defining

  • Ability to use Google Maps API Key

  • Map and Satellite views are supported

  • Add URL to the Top Magento Links

  • User-friendly URL of the store locations page

  • Use static block on the store locations page

  • Prioritize store locations

  • Store location images

  • Define description of any location

  • Multistore support

Not sure what some of these features mean? Visit the product page of the extension - read full description, view screenshots and play with the frontend and backend demos there.