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Get a Lot of Free Advertising and the Highest Traffic Rank

To have good positions at the modern competitive marketplace, store owners have to find new ideas for promoting their sites. It becomes more and more difficult to invent unique features that will attract customers precisely to your Magento shop.

There are certain tricks that can affect website traffic profoundly. If you want to make your online store really pleasing and popular, the Video Testimonials and Facebook Link extensions for Magento are ‘must have’.

Facebook Link

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Facebook is the greatest social network connecting people from all over the world. Thus, the Facebook Link Magento module from aheadWorks gives you the opportunity to get a lot of free advertising.

Enabling people to share description of the products from your Magento store on Facebook allows your site to be promoted and marketed to all friends of the customers. What is more, your clients will have the possibility to tell the network about their purchases on their Wall automatically. Hundreds of friends of each customer will learn about your e-shop and become your potential clients.

This function will attract new customers for sure. Recommendation is the best kind of advertising. Of course, not all people will make purchases at the same moment, but your brand will reach and one day they will come back! It works great!

The Video Testimonials Magento extension is also a real find as it helps draw more attention to your website. Additional video and audio information about your products will contribute into promotion.

Before buying a product, a lot of customers try to find information about its peculiarities and possibilities of its usage. Most of them prefer visual aids. Video materials are easier perceived than text descriptions; therefore, they will inspire your clients to purchase available items.

The Video Testimonials extension for Magento will make your site look fresh and updated.

Your clients will be able to share their opinion and experience in a new way. Besides, people tend to trust other customers’ reviews and comments finding them more truthful and reliable than merchant’s advertising.

With this module, all the uploaded videos are simultaneously added to YouTube that has the highest traffic rank in the Internet. This will make your site much more popular, attracting people who watch the videos on YouTube.
Video Testimonials
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Undoubtedly, the Video Testimonials and Facebook Link Magento extensions will make your site dynamic and inviting. Your customers will be grateful for such opportunities.