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Advanced Reviews

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Customer reviews play an important role in inducing clients to make a purchase. The Advanced Reviews Magento extension encourages customers to submit their reviews and makes the process extremely easy.

With this Magento module, clients can leave feedback right on the product page. Additional exciting features make the opportunity even more attractive.

Today we are glad to present Advanced Reviews v. 2.2.1 with the following bugs fixed:

  • fatal error on following link to disabled or not existing products instead of redirecting to 404

  • blank page after submitting review

  • incorrect work with URLs without '.'

  • short tag in template

  • incorrect Magento Admin page title in backend

Learn more about the Advanced Reviews extension for Magento on the product page.

The Product Questions module makes your site popular and keeps the users informed. With this Magento extension, customers can ask questions and receive answers directly on the product page.

Product Questions is a perfect solution for encouraging your website visitors to interact with you and find out more about your products.

Product Questions v. 1.4.4 is being released today. The following bugs have been fixed in the new version of the module:

  • "question_author_name_field" filled with customer name only

  • GMT time in backend

  • changing status in "Product questions" grid doesn't work

  • 3 lost images ('sorting arrows') added for Magento EE

  • question page in backend has no title

  • incorrect mail headers in Magento CE

Get more information on the product page of the Product Questions extension.

Product Questions

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