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Get the most out of your Magento Store with these Extensions Updates

AJAX Catalog

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Annoying page reloads can be forgotten. With the AJAX Catalog Magento extension, your online store surfing becomes much faster and more convenient because your visitors see the whole list of category products immediately without refreshing the entire page.

Today we’re releasing AJAX Catalog v.1.0.2 with the 'Back to Top' button added. It shows up on scrolling down the page and sends the viewer to the top of the page once clicked.

The following bugs have been fixed in AJAX Catalog v.1.0.2:

  • Last product in category is duplicated

  • Ajax Catalog doesn't show the next page on tag list

  • Locale file is missing

Learn more about the extension features and try the AJAX Catalog demo on the product page.

With Subscriptions and Recurring Payments you can accept recurring payments and sell subscription products in your Magento store more easily and efficiently. The module suits you if you sell products that are purchased with certain regularity: magazines, software licenses, bottled water, or memberships.

The following feature is added to Subscriptions and Recurring Payments v.1.6:

  • Notification to customer on subscription suspend via alerts

The Subscriptions and Recurring Payments v.1.6 is jam-packed with helpful bug fixes for getting the most out of your Magento extension:

  • First period price isn't updated automatically in configurable SARP product

  • New orders use base currency

  • Some labels are missed in CSV file

  • Zero first period price compatibility

  • Incorrect price is displayed on category page for grouped products

  • Security improved

  • Incorrect work with zero subscription period

  • Simple SARP product with custom options can not be added to cart

  • PayPal Express transaction page doesn't appear

  • Incorrect accept of first delivery price

  • Duplicated subscription

  • Unexpected subscription activation

  • Page title isn’t specified

  • Use of incorrect API Login ID and Transaction key

  • Tabs in product area in the backend are mispositioned

  • Empty SARP pages in Magento PE

  • Incorrect displaying of the first period price in configurable and downloadable SARP products

  • User can't add subscription product to cart from wishlist

  • Custom option displays price incorrectly in non-default currency

  • Converted simple product is not in the list of associated product for grouped SARP products

  • Express Checkout button issue

Subscriptions and Recurring Payments

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Find the extension demo and features on the Subscriptions and Recurring Payments page.