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Checkout with a Single Click


The One Click Checkout extension for Magento allows customers to checkout directly from the product page or shopping cart page with just one click, skipping the annoying checkout steps. Buyers will not have to click the tiresome 'Continue' button, expediting the checkout process. All they need to do is login to their account and take advantage of one click ordering.

The One Click Checkout module doesn't replace the standard Magento 'Add to cart' button. Instead it adds an additional 'One Click Checkout' button with the ability to choose billing and shipping addresses right on the product page.

When you click the ‘One Click Checkout’ button on any product page or cart page, a special pop-up window is invoked where you choose a payment method. You can also see the available number of reward points and use them during checkout, but it requires the Points & Rewards Magento extension installed on your store.

The One Click Checkout extension is super easy at installation and configuration. It will take you no more than a couple of minutes to configure the module to display the button to different customer groups and choose the available payment methods.




    • Buying with a single click of a button


    • Direct checkout from:

        • Product page

        • Cart page


    • Ability to choose billing and shipping address on Product and Cart pages


    • Possibility to edit billing and shipping address


    • Choose customer groups which can use One Click Checkout


    • Define the available payment methods


    • Shopping Cart Price Rules support



    • Multistore support

Go to the product page right now to try the One Click Checkout demo!