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Help Desk Ultimate 2.5 released!

The Help Desk Ultimate feedback was thoroughly analyzed and the majority of asked-for features have been implemented in the new version. One of the main features concerns mail fetching improvements – IMAP and TLS support what means more protocols available for mail access.


Web bots and email spam is the sore point of all Internet users and the online store owner is not an exception. aheadWorks solved this problem having integrated the web bots and spam protection system in the Help Desk Ultimate extension. Now you can feel safe from the undesirable bulk of messages.


The process of working with tickets has been also enhanced. Among the major improvements is a possibility to link tickets with orders what easies the order access. Besides editing tickets has become much easier and faster with the predefined reply templates which will shorten the time support staff spends on tickets answering.


This is just a quick acquaintance with new functionality of the extension, to view the whole list of Help Desk Ultimate new features please visit the extension page.