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Help Desk Ultimate 2.6.3 released

To make work with tickets much easier and faster, the following new features have been implemented in Help Desk Ultimate 2.6.3:

    • Mass tickets assignation

      Select all the tickets you need and assign all of them to required department at a time


    • "Last department reply" column

      You can learn the date and time of the last department reply exactly from the Tickets page






    • "Test connection" button for the Edit Email Gateway form

      You can check the connection of the created gateway


    • Mask passwords for the Edit Email Gateway form

      For reasons of safety, we masked gateway password



New Email Gateway



    • Custom ticket statuses

      Change the default ticket statuses (open, waiting for customer, closed) to your own values






    • Customer's Tickets List in the Ticket Information form

      The new tab allows you to check the whole ticket history

The following bugs have been fixed:

    • Help Desk Ultimate can't connect to IMAP gateways


    • Problems when upgrading from 2.5 to 2.6


    • Incorrect customer's area interface in Magento 1.4*


    • Quotes in Customer's Email and Department fields in backend in Magento 1.4*


    • Unregistered customers are not allowed to download files


    • Help Desk Ultimate and Product Questions incorrect cooperation


    • Email notifications are not sent if gateway was not set up


    • Email attachments problems


    • Some other minor bugfixes

Please, visit the Help Desk Ultimate page for more information about this extension.