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How to Effectively Display Products in Your Store

A product page in your online store is like a shop window, which should not only attract customers, but persuade them to purchase, as well.

Thus, no malfunctions, technical errors, or marketing mistakes are allowed there, as anywhere on your site. Effective arrangement of your product pages lead to increased sales and lower abandonment.

Despite a product page cannot be only composed of a product image, it is still the most important element for a customer.

Note: In an online store, customers think that the quality of a product images is more important than product-specific information (63%), a long description (54%) and ratings and reviews (53%). Source:

Effective images leave no unclear points about product properties and make customers purchase more after their careful examination. Images are not only better perceived by customers, but also leave longer impressions than words.

The ultimate goal of any online store is to create a hedonic shopping experience, when shoppers do not only satisfy their tangible needs, but also enjoy the process of shopping.

Use proper images
Leading online sellers like Amazon and eBay weeded out some crucial minimal requirements for appropriate product images. According to them, images should be at least 500 pixels wide and contain products, which fill 85% of the image space.

Exploit high-resolution images
High-resolution images are not only the sign of good taste for online stores, which reflects your respect to customers, but they also enhance customer’s experience in your store and make possible zoom functionality applicable to any product image.

Offer zoomable images
Amazon merchants are also recommended to apply zoom functionality to hosted pictures as it helps customers more precisely understand all the properties and features of products.

Show variety of views
In order to deliver more information to customers about your products you should use multiple pictures exhibiting products from multiple angles. This is especially useful when selling items, which have complex spatial shapes like shoes, toys, furniture, etc.

The Product Image Slider Magento extensionFor this very purpose Magento store owners can use the Product Image Slider extension, which definitely attracts customer’s attention due to automatic sliding and multiple animation effects.

Provide 3D product images
3D product images are even more advanced product presentation functionality, which can be, besides, controlled by the customer independently. This technology combines all the options mentioned above and takes all the benefits from them.

Use videos for product descriptions
Along with product images or instead of them, you can also use video product descriptions in your store. Usually people much appreciate video tutorials starring the same customers as they are. Such videos present the item, provide useful advice, and create the sense of involvement.

Choose which products to feature
Show the best products first – this is the main rule for arranging products within categories in your store. It can be bestselling or high-margin products, still customers should face them first.
In order to make the management of product in categories easy and smooth you can use the Visual Catalog Manager extension, which allows you to display products in categories according to certain rules based on product attributes or you can manually drag-and-drop products within the category grid.

Place products in an original way in your images
Ordinary product shapes are not attractive for customers as they are too common. So, you should arrange products originally in your product photos: wrinkled apparel, flying tableware, laced together snickers, or anything else that can attract customers’ attention.

Make shopping experience comfortable
The specificity of online sales imposes on merchants both definite benefits and disadvantages. One of those permanent obstacles, which is always negative for the customer's experience, is necessary page reloads. Customers usually forced to visit product pages without any confidence that this particular item suits them perfectly.
But you can still make this process more natural and easy using the Magento Quick View extension, which delivers seamless and unobstructed shopping experience. Customers can preview items directly from the category page and save time.

So, high-quality product images or videos combined with the effective positioning and Web 2.0 compliant product browsing allow your online store to provide truly valuable shopping experience, which is able to retain customers and make more sales.

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