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How to get discount from aheadWorks

In this post I’d like to tell you about aheadWorks coupons, discounts and loyalty program and how you can get a significant discount even in your first order.

aheadWorks store is empowered with the in-house module Magento Points & Rewards. With the help of this Magento extension we reward our customers for simple things such as signing up for a site, newsletter subscription, posting a review to a product, just to name a few.

The reward program is obvious and most customers can see it right away when they hit their account page.

Most our customers and potential customers are our Facebook fans and can use ‘Fan's only 5% discount’ while placing an order too.

A picture is worth a thousand words. The graphic below explains how to get a discount on the spot.

Steps to get aheadWorks discount

Step 1

Steps to get discount

· Sign up for a new account – Get 1$ to your balance

· Subscribe for a newsletter – Get 2$ to your balance

Step 2
Steps to get discount

 · Find 5% off aheadWorks coupon code* on our Facebook page

*The aheadWorks coupon code works for 1 order only.

Step 3
Steps to get discount

 · Add the second item to cart - Get extra 5% off your entire order.

These three discounts can work together.

Real example of how it works

· Let’s assume you buy AJAX Cart Pro with included 90 days support period worth $99.

· Add the second item to cart, e.g. Facebook Link ($99), and get 5% off your entire order (-$10).

· Enter the code you find joining our Facebook fan page on the Shopping Cart page (-$9).

· Use reward money available on your account balance ($3).

· Checkout and get +$3 to your account balance for the second order.

Using the steps above, you can save $22 on your order plus get extra $3 to your account balance for the next purchase.

Real example

aheadWorks Reward Policy

aheadWorks Reward Policy

· Each $50 spent in our store will earn you $1. There are several ways to earn money: registration, newsletter subscription, buying a module or a theme, bulk purchases, reviewing extensions, and more.

See the table below for exact numbers for each action.

Reward Policy