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How to Pay Less and Save a Lot of Money on aheadWorks Magento Extensions

From time to time aheadWorks Magento store visitors and blog readers can see our extensions available for PRE-ORDER. If you haven't pre-ordered anything before, you wasted so much money, whereas you could save it.

In this post I’ll give you a solid $ reason to use the pre-order option whenever it is presented and describe the process behind the scenes.

How to Pay Less and Save a Lot of Money on aheadWorks Magento Extensions

Wikipedia defines a pre-order as “an order placed for an item which has not yet been released”. During the first half of the 2013 our customers have pre-ordered over 100 extensions among which the most popular were One Step Checkout, Add Free Product to Cart, Better Thank You Page, Extra Downloads.

Did users benefit from pre-orders? Absolutely! They saved up to 50% of the module price, and you can do the same. Read further how the pre-ordering option works for aheadWorks extensions and how to pay twice less for the module you need.

  • When a module is almost ready (one-two weeks before its release), it appears in our store with the corresponding label on its box image. We also announce pre-order opportunities via our social media channels, so do not forget to follow up in Twitter and on Facebook and check our news feed now and then. Often pre-order information looks like this:

aheadWorks pre-order

To pre-order a module, you perform the same actions as for a regular order: 1. Add the extension to your shopping cart. 2. Complete the checkout process. 3. Place an order and receive a confirmation email.

After that, you'll see the pre-ordered extension at the Download area in your personal account: My Account - My Downloadable Products.

  • The grand opening - Magento extension goes live. Those customers who pre-ordered it earlier get email notifications. The extension becomes available on the site. Customers can get it right away and take use of it at full.

Why is it worth to pre-order aheadWorks extensions?

The answer is as simple as that: you will obtain significant discounts often up to 50% while the extension is in a pre-order mode.

Once the module is released, no such discounts will be offered except for sales, but they usually don't exceed 10-15% and customers need to wait for the sale to be announced.

Do not worry that a released extension will be different from the one in a pre-order: we guarantee that the extension will have all the features described on the product page. Besides, if the extension doesn’t satisfy user expectations, it can be refunded. If any changes take place, it will be additional options as a bonus.

One of our happy customers, Gediminas Smotavicius, shares his experience after pre-ordering the Add Free to Cart Magento extension:
I like pre-orders because you can purchase with VERY BIG DISCOUNT which means that you'll never get it in the future with any promotion cheaper.

Important note!
The refund for a pre-ordered extension can be done only after its official release.