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Increase Your Converted Traffic from Watchers to Buyers

If you want to increase search engine traffic and attract more visitors to your Magento store, it’s really important to make your website informative and content-rich. The site should contain plenty of useful information, while your content should be authentic and unique.

The Product Questions and Knowledge Base Magento extensions from aheadWorks are helpful in achieving these goals. They make your site popular and successful among the target customers and keep the users informed and pleased at the same time.

Product Questions

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The Product Questions module gives a possibility of two-way communication in your Magento store that works to your advantage. Encourage your website visitors to interact with you and find out more about your products.

With the Product Questions extension for Magento, they can ask questions directly on the product page and receive answers there. It’s very easy and convenient. Attract potential customers, give them confidence in their choice. As a result, they are more likely to purchase your products.

Moreover, your potential clients can refer to the previous questions and get information from the replies to those queries. For the sake of convenience, the answers can be sorted according to the date or helpfulness. So you don't have to answer the same questions over and over again. Save your precious time!

Besides, with the Product Questions Magento module, your site always looks fresh and updated. It will be interesting for new visitors as well as regular customers.

The Knowledge Base extension for Magento also contributes into making an appealing and successful website. Customers prefer sites that give them straight information about products, services, pricing, etc. The Knowledge Base page can contain the answers to all important questions that might occur regarding products or services.

Clients like to be reassured that they have hit a good bargain. You may give email and phone contacts, but many people use them unwillingly and they would simply prefer to read a small section outlining common questions.

While your customers are trying to decide if they would like to go ahead with your product or service, they can get answers right away. Answer questions before they are asked. Speed up customers’ decision-making!

If you want to make your site attractive and popular, the Product Questions and Knowledge Base extensions for Magento are indispensible for you. They are great supporting tools for business expansion and increasing customer base.

Knowledge Base
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The opportunities of these Magento modules greatly speed up a user’s decision to make a purchase. Show the caring attitude to your customers and stimulate your sales!