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iPhone Theme Update: Great Appearance by Default

For more than two weeks the Google mobile-friendly update walks thru the web and some site owners have already felt its influence, while the others are just expecting the final sentence from Google.

iPhone Theme Update

Good or bad, positive or penalizing, everyone agrees that the only way to trick the search engine is to obey its rules and Magento merchants have an opportunity to choose the easiest way for that – iPhone Theme.

Quick Mobile Start

The iPhone Theme Magento extensionUsing this extension you are able to create a stunning mobile version of your store promptly and effortlessly.

The website you get meets all requirements for mobile websites, including the requirements of the Google mobile-friendly algorithm.

Advantageous Features

All the features of iPhone Theme put together are more than just a set of separate functions, but a holistic and advanced functionality:

    • One-column layout;


    • Customizable home page for mobile store view;


    • Touchscreen gallery with gestures support;


    • No pagination and page reloads (AJAX used);


    • The cart available from every page;


    • Multistore support;


    • And more…

Here, we present only a limited list of valuable features, while the comprehensive functionality description is available on the product page of the extension or you can try its functionality in action in our demo store.

New Features

Included Default Home Page
iPhone Theme is a flexible tool, which allows creating great mobile stores with individual design and appearance. Our demo store features the variant of the home page created basing on the iPhone Theme layout facilities.

According to numerous requests, many of our customers would like to have this home page included into the extension by default and the current update provides this very opportunity.

iPhone Theme Default Home Page

iPhone Theme Default Home Page

3-rd Party Checkout Extension Interference
Since the current version of the extension iPhone Theme is saved from possible interference of third-party checkout extensions and provides neat and accurate mobile checkout interface.


Aside from the sensational update from Google, we should clearly understand that the importance of Mobile devices increases in the omni-channel marketing strategy exponentially. According to Goldman Sachs, the number of people making purchases on smartphones is estimated to be 1.09 billion in 2018 and will constitute nearly half of all ecommerce. (Source:

This way, the importance of mobile-friendly sites is now in the highest point as they should become the starting point of your online success, and iPhone Theme is ideal for this beginning and further growth.

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