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Imagine 2015: Unbound Recap

The greatest annual Magento event was as usually stunning and incomparable. Each year it gives new impetus to the Magento ecosystem and, according to many opinions, it was simply amazing this year.

Imagine 2015

Imagine 2015 provided the long-awaited inspiration to all parties of the Community and empowered merchants, technologists and solution providers to move faster stepping over the obstacles and removing the boundaries on their way to the collective success.

Imagine 2015 in Figures

  • 3+ days;

  • 2400+ attendees from 45 countries;

  • 100+ speakers;

  • 23 special sessions, 10 breakout sessions, 3 general sessions;

  • 100 sponsors;

  • 2000+ tweets.

Imagine 2015 Timeline

Saturday, April 18
Saturday was the day of Pre-Imagine MageHackathon 2015. Organized by the Magento community it was not an official event, still it gathered together many famous Magento developers and activists: Fabrizio Branca, Tobias Zander, Alan MacGregor, Joshua Warren, Ben Marks, Karen Baker, and many others.

Sunday, April 19
Together with the fact that Sunday was the second day of the hackathon it also comprised some other events, which made that day fabulous for many people.

Magento Run
Legendary Magento Run on that day gathered Magento Community sport enthusiasts with Ben Marks as Mr. Magento in yellow:)

Pre-Imagine Party
The end of the day was beautified wit Pre-Imagine Party organized by Interactive4. At that time, the Imagine Twitter feed was captured by Ignacio Riesco, Ben Marks, Viacheslav Kravchuk, Sherrie Rohde, Jenna W, Joshua Warren, Kimberely Thomas, Kalen Jordan, Sergio Baixauli, Phil Winkle, Kurt Theobald and many-many others.

Day 1
The first day was made by Magento payments and customer design, networking and collaboration, affiliate marketing and omnichannel intelligence.

Merchants could also learn some great basics from successful startups and get some tips from early stage investors.

April 20 was also the day of the Marketplace grand opening that started the beginning of new meetings and useful discussions.

And the opening party of that great event became the apotheosis of this busy and so inspiring day.

Day 2
The second day of the conference was the day of keynotes and strategic thoughts. Craig Hayman, President of eBay Enterprise:

Our hope is to drive incredible innovation, together with our customers. 

Imagine 2015 Excellence awards ceremony also took place on April 21 and we congratulate our partners Blue Acorn, MediaCT, and Gorilla Group on this great occasion. Well done!

Legendary Imagine Evening Event was the closing of this second fabulous day.

Day 3
The keynote speech of the third day of the conference was especially important for the residents of the Magento ecosystem. Mark Lavelle Sr. VP and GM, revealed that Magento is the No. 1 Ecommerce Platform Provider for the IR Top 500, while Paul Boisvert shared the Magento releases timeline showing that the platform is on track and in schedule.

Magento U Seminar and Designer BarCamp & Networking Event gradually closed Imagine 2015.

Other Results

Magento Small Business
Magento launched a new project and announced small business the field of their priority attention. Now newcomers have a great opportunity to take advantage of targeted solutions facilitating the start with Magento or benefit from the professional design, development and hosting provided by the community partners.

New Community Manager
We congratulate Sherrie Rhode - new Magento Community Manager, who is certainly able to add new value to the entire ecosystem.

New Magento Connect
New Magento Connect is on its way to launch the new trusted marketplace beneficial and convenient for the entire community, and that’s definitely great.

Our Guys at Imagine

Imagine is always thrilling for any company or person connected to Magento. The same is about us, each year we meet our old friends and establish new contacts with potential customers and partners.

This year we also enjoyed this terrifying spirit of Imagine and had some fun, of course.

Natallia Kukuruzina, CMO, and Alexander Galtsow, VP Partnership and Communications, feeling happy at Imagine 2015 Natallia Kukuruzina, CMO, and Alexander Galtsow, VP Partnership and Communications, feeling happy at Imagine 2015

Natallia Kukuruzina, CMO, and Alexander Galtsow, VP Partnership and Communications, feeling happy at Imagine 2015

We are very grateful to all our partners, customers, and all people we met at Imagine for the appreciation of our products and services, new proposals and valuable feedback.

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