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Latest Aheadworks Updates: March 2017

We usually strive to highlight all the updates of our extensions. However, sometimes one-featured enhancements are not described in individual blog posts, though quite often they are the long-expected features requested by many of our customers.

Latest Aheadworks Updates: March 2017

So, today we’d like to draw your attention to that kind of updates you possibly missed in the heavy flow of information you get on a daily basis. Please look through the provided below functions as they can be the things you’ve been waiting for some time.

Magento 2 Extensions

The Subscription & Recurring Payments extension for Magento 2Subscription & Recurring Payments 1.2 Support is one of the most popular global payment gateways and it’s just good for product subscriptions. Now your customers are able to use it for their subscriptions and automatic recurring payments.

Stripe Support
Stripe is also widely spread on the globe and used by multiple users. Starting from the 1.2 version, the Subscription & Recurring Payments extension supports this payment gateway as well. In total, the module currently supports three payment systems: PayPal,, and Stripe.

Subscription Engine Option

Subscription  Engine Option

The Store Credit and Refund extension for Magento 2Store Credit and Refund 1.1

Transaction Grid Enhancements
Store credits are a some kind of internal currency that can be always used as a real means of payment. If a Magento store is managed by several admins, it may take time to find out the author of the transactions that add or withdraw credits from customers.

The new ‘Created by’ column of the Transactions grid allows Magento owners to track the the agents that issue store credits at a glance.

'Created by' Column

'Created by' Column

reward_points-220_2xReward Points 1.2

Invitation to Subscribe to Newsletters
If enabled in the extension settings, this functionality displays a notification bar on the registration page or in My Account -> Newsletter Subscriptions area. The notification reminds customers that they can earn some points if they subscribe to newsletters.

Invitation to Register
The same as in the previous case, a notification bar appears on the frontend telling customers that they are able to earn a certain amount of points for registration. The bar is displayed for only unregistered users on registration and login pages.

Invitations to Newsletter Subscriptions and Registrations

Invitations to Newsletter Subscriptions and Registrations

The Blog extension for Magento 2Blog 2.1

Recent Blog Posts Widget
This functionality enables merchants to place the Recent Blog Posts widget on any pages of a Magento store. The widget allows customers to be aware of the latest news and track useful content updates.

Recent Blog Posts Widget

Recent Blog Posts Widget

Magento 1 Extensions

We closely track your functionality requests and continue updating our Magento 1 extensions in order to make our products even more useful and practical.

The Layered Navigation Magento extensionLayered Navigation 1.4

New Stock Filter
The new ‘In Stock Only’ filter allows customers to select the products that are currently in stock. It also hides the attributes related to out of stock products. The filter is enabled when the box of the filter is checked. In their turn, Magento admins are able to either enable or disable this functionality from the backend in the Layered Navigation -> Manage Filters area.

New ‘On Sale Only’ Filter
The new ‘On Sale Only’ filter allows customers to filter products with discounts.

Expanded / Collapsed Filters
If the total number of filterable attributes is quite big, Magento admins are able to determine whether to show or collapse certain filters by default. They can make it using the ‘Default State of the Filters’ option provided in the extension settings.

Layered Navigation New Filters and Sorting

Layered Navigation New Filters and Sorting (Mobile View)

The option has several values, including ‘Expanded’, ‘Collapsed’, and ‘Use filter value’. If the last value of the setting option is selected, the default state of a filter is determined according to the ‘Default State’ value provided for each filter at Catalog -> Layered Navigation -> Manage Filters -> Filter -> General Settings.

Still, customers are able to expand collapsed by default filters anytime they need.

The Follow Up Email Magento extensionFollow Up Email 3.7

Get Email Addresses
If a customer provides his email address when he subscribes to newsletters or leaves it in the contact form, the module captures and saves the address for further use. It happens automatically for the addresses of customers that have products in their carts. Such emails are used only for the ‘New abandoned cart appeared’ events.

As soon as an email address is used for a follow up email, it is deleted in 30 minutes after the usage by Cron. This way, the functionality doesn’t overload your databases with additional, but temporary information.

The Frequently Bought Together Magento extensionFrequently Bought Together 1.2

Configurable Products Support
Now you can also include configurable products into ‘frequently bought together’ suggestions. If the list of items contains one or several configurable products, customers are able to choose the option they need right from the ‘frequently bought together’ block and conveniently add selections to carts with no hurdles.

Configurable Products in the Frequently Bought Together Section

Configurable Products in the Frequently Bought Together Section


So, these are the recent updates of our Magento 1 and Magento 2 extensions. But, if you don’t want to miss any of your favorite functionality updates, please subscribe to our regular newsletters.

Additional information on the mentioned extensions is available in our Magento 1 and Magento 2 stores and from their User Guides. Update, purchase and take advantage of the new features.