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Layered Navigation for Magento 2 Obtains Shop by Brand Functionality

High quality search and navigation are among the most demanded online shopping features providing customers with great purchasing experience and making them shop willingly.

Layered Navigation for Magento 2 Obtains the Shop by Brand Functionality

Advanced and powerful layered navigation functionality for Magento 2 stores is a must-have product filtering opportunity that allows buyers to find items quickly and intuitively. And, shop by brand features incorporated into the Layered Navigation module make it even more beneficial and convenient for any customer.

Layered Navigation and Shop By Functionalities Mutual Advantages

Selling products like brands is especially advantageous for the retailers with multi-brand collections that consist of fashion and luxury products, watches, furniture, sporting goods, etc. So, it’s a wide and crowded segment of the stores based on Magento 2.

The chance to filter brands using layered navigation is a double advantage for such stores, since their customers are able to look for the items from their favorite brands on catalog pages and beneficially utilize layered navigation opportunities on brand pages with numerous products.

Layered Navigation on Brand Pages

If a brand page contains a wide range of goods it may be quite difficult to find a required product there. However, if a customer have at least a slight idea about the product he needs, he can find it easily using our layered navigation functionality for Magento 2.

Layered Navigation on Brand Pages

Layered Navigation on Brand Pages

The provided features allow customers to filter products:

  • By multiple attributes and attribute values simultaneously;

  • Using original custom filters like In Stock, On Sale and New;

  • Using automatic popover that shows the number of items matching the current selection.

Shop by Brand Filtering on Category Pages

As far as many customers often prefer products by their favorite brands and have this very purchasing intention while searching for required products, they will certainly appreciate the opportunity to select from the products that belong to only one or several brand names.

Brands in Layered Navigation Sidebars
This chance is provided by the ‘Shop by’ functionality included into the layered navigation filtration on Magento catalog pages. If layered navigation includes brands as filterable attributes, customers can easily select the items they need within a certain brand collection from the layered navigation sidebar.

Brands as Filter Attributes

Brands as Filter Attributes

In order to make the selection intuitive you can also use brand logos instead of default check buttons in sidebars.

Shop by Brand Widgets
Still, the layered filtration by product attributes is not the only way to reach desired brand products. The Shop by Brand extension provides an opportunity to place brand widgets on any pages of your Magento store.

Shop by Brands Widget

Shop by Brand Widget

Those widgets allow customers to enter required collections provided on brand pages immediately and then use layered navigation selecting the items they need.

Business Benefits

The Value of Navigation

  • Navigation improves products accessibility;

  • Navigation increases visits duration and reduces bounce rates;

  • Navigation improves website design;

  • Good navigation increases engagement and conversion rates.

The Value of Brands

  • Brands bring comfort and satisfaction;

  • Brands save time on purchasing;

  • Brands create difference and add value;

  • Brands express individuality and life style.


The Layered Navigation and Shop by Brand extensions for Magento 2So, the combination of the layered navigation and shop by brand functionalities provide customers with better website usability since branded products become available from almost any point of your Magento 2 store while filtering opportunities allow them to search products quickly and accurately.

The good news is that today you can obtain the described above functionalities and benefit from their integration profitably. Purchasing the Layered Navigation extension for Magento 2 you will get the shop by functionality for free.

The Layered Navigation and Shop by Brand extensions are integrated seamlessly and able to bring better usability to the shopping process without any additional payments. Now, when you purchase the Layered Navigation extension for Magento 2 you receive the Shop by Brand extension for free.

Please, visit the Layered Navigation page for more details and make your purchases.