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Shop by Brand 1.1 Manages Products on Brand Pages

The advantages of branding are undeniable as soon as brand names allow you to improve product recognition, build loyalty, consolidate product position on the market, and make new product launches successful.

Shop by Brand 1.1 Manages Products on Brand Pages

In order to present brands properly in their stores, Magento store owners can successfully use the Shop by Brand extension for Magento 2, especially that it was updated and improved just recently.

As soon as brand pages presenting products are the central elements of any brand strategy, the latest Shop by Brand 1.1 improves the possibilities to manage and sort products on that pages significantly.

Shop by Brand 1.1 New Features

Manage Products on Brand Pages

From now on, Magento admins are able to add products to brand pages easily from the Edit Brand section in the backend.

In order to enter the grid please follow Catalog -> Shop by Brand by Aheadworks -> Brand Pages -> Particular brand -> Brand products grid. The grid enumerates all available products and allows adding any of them to a particular brand page in just one click.

Brand Products Grid

Brand Products Grid

If the number of products is large, you can search them by IDs, names, SKUs, price or visibility. As soon as you chose all the items you need, just save the brand page and update the brand page on the frontend in order to see the products displayed.

Products Positioning

In case you want to show, for example, bestselling or innovative products first on the brand page you can handle this as well. The Brand products grid allows you to specify custom positions for any items in the Position column. The product with the “1” position goes first, accordingly.

Thus, you can manage displayed products and their positions on brand pages in the most suitable and attractive way for you and your customers.


With no doubt, the above features enable you to present your branded products much better in your online store. So, don’t wait to try them in action in our demo stores and purchase the updated extension.

For more information please visit the product page of the extension and its technical documentation.