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Magento 1.8 Development Cookbook Provides Over 70 Effective Recipes

Magento development is an inexhaustible subject for authors since increasingly more e-commerce sites choose it as a basis for their further extension and prosperity.

“From scratch” is the main tagline of the new book we want to bring to your attention. Magento 1.8 Development Cookbook by Bart Delvaux and Nurul Ferdous contains over 70 practical use cases covering multiple aspects of Magento development, customization and testing.

Bart Delvaux

Bart Delvaux is an experienced web developer from Belgium. He started the career in 2010 after he received his bachelor's degree in Applied Informatics. Magento gave him the first opportunity to establish himself when he was working as a consultant for a leading PHP company in Belgium. Bart was one of the first persons who received Magento Certified Developer and Magento Certified Developer Plus.

Nurul Ferdous

Nurul Ferdous is an open source enthusiast and IT specialist from Bangladesh who is currently working for TM Secure Inc. as a LAMP consultant. He started his career with the Bangladesh Air Force. Nurul is a Zend Certified PHP 5 Engineer, and contributes to a number of PHP projects, blogs on PHP-related topics, and presents talks and tutorials related to PHP development.

Book Review


This cookbook is primarily oriented towards PHP developers starting with Magento from scratch. It aims to accompany you along the bumpy ride of site creation and deploying, and as a result, you will become much more experienced in Magento.


The guide has a clear and logical structure influenced by the main purpose of the book. The first chapter prepares a background for successful studies and practice and is devoted to the required development environment and necessary tools.

The following chapters proceed to Magento and explain common and trickier examples of Magento coding, including catalog configuration, themes integration, backend functionality extending, Cron setting, and creation of events.

Concluding chapters reveal some must-have activities, which optimize Magento performance and allow you to avoid bugs within your code.


All chapters are preceded by a short chapter summary and introduction, which prepare readers for the content and sharpen their attention.

Each chapter contains “Get Ready”, “How to do it…”, “How it works”, and “There is more” standard text blocks, which make reading more structured and easy.

The text is full of descriptive and ready-made code excerpts. All important and noteworthy messages are displayed in bold or appealing boxes. Almost all textual explanations are accompanied by descriptive illustrations and diagrams.


Magento 1.8 Development Cookbook provides a substantial piece of professional knowledge and advice for novice and, to a certain degree, experienced Magento developers. Clear structure of the content makes the book easy to read and comprehend for all groups of readers. All this allows us to recommend this book to the broad readership of true Magento enthusiasts.

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