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Magento 2 Release Blossoms Forth the New Era of Ecommerce

Magento 2.0 is finally out. We witness a historical day!

Magento 2 Release

We are very excited with this great moment touching the whole formidable Magento community and, no doubt, global eCommerce as well.

A New Era of  Commerce Innovation is Here

Magento 2 is available in two new products: Magento Enterprise Edition 2.0 and Magento Community Edition 2.0. The new platform embodies the future of ecommerce software functionality and development.

Based on its open source traditions Magento 2 provides all online customers and store owners with an enterprise-level performance and productivity. It rises on the basis of innovative architecture, amazing shopping experience, and advanced scalability.

It’s been definitely a long way full of complex challenges and ardent work. And, the result is fully worth the effort providing the pioneering state-of-the-art digital commerce platform.

Today, we are sincerely happy for the Magento team and hope that the new ecommerce solution will strengthen its position among most powerful and popular e-platforms worldwide.

aheadWorks is Headed for Magento 2.0

aheadWorks passionately welcomes this glorious milestone taking a proactive position in order to make Magento 2 even more sterling ecommerce solution.

We made a great leap forward in our approach to design and development of our M2 extensions. We improve our  products betting on the easily customizable code, approved frontend functionality, refined backend interface and usability.

At this very moment our Magento 2 portfolio contains five ready-to-go extensions, representing our best ecommerce experience. Starting from Advanced Reports, Follow Up Email, Product Questions, Gift Card, and Automatic Related Products we gradually speed up the process of development and soon will be able to announce our next Magento 2 modules.

Currently, the above extensions are passing the Magento 2 compatibility verification procedure and will be available for purchase shortly. Still, right now you can find their demos in our store.

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With the advent of Magento 2 our ultimate goal is to cover main business areas with M2 functionality extensions as soon as possible without any quality compromises. For this purpose, we have significantly revised our approach to code, usability, and functionality of our modules and are confident that we can provide even better products as a result.

Once again, we congratulate Magento on this historical and revolutionary achievement and wish it to reach new business horizons.