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New Automatic Related Products for Magento 2: Create Efficient On-Page Product Promos

Making great product pages is absolutely necessary for any online store owner.

Great product and category pages are full of high-quality product images, smart merchandising, compelling product descriptions, well-placed call-to-actions, social media inventory, and … relevant and in-time product suggestions.

Although it goes without saying that related products are a compulsory element of any web store, the recollected benefits provided by this functionality look really impressive:

    • Cross-sells and upsells;


    • Relevant content environment and professional advice;


    • Improved store navigation;


    • Related product suggestions during the checkout process;


    • Authentic and original promotions perceived naturally by users.

And, taking advantage of the benefits above is just easy with the new Automatic Related Products extension for Magento 2. The module allows you to put related product blocks to product and shopping cart pages and determine their place and content for your best business efficiency.

The Automatic Related Products extension for Magento 2General Description

The Automatic Related Products extension performs mainly backstage, while customers only witness the results.

Related Products Setup

Rule Conditions
Related product rules define both destination pages and the related products block content. The provided rule conditions and condition combinations specify the pages to be used for placing related products based on product attributes.

The Where to Display Section

The Where to Display Section

The same goes for the blocks content also using product attributes to fill in the blocks. You can specify either broad conditions for related products or feature some very specific items closely related to the promoted destinations.

The What to Display Section

The What to Display Section

Block Location
Since the module allows you to feature products on both product and shopping cart pages, it provides you with separate rule blocks for the purpose, still their settings are almost the same.

Rule Priority
As far as you can create an unlimited number of rules involving sometimes the same products or block locations, the module provides you with the opportunity to resolve such clashes via the rules priority assignment. The lower is the numeric value of the priority – the higher priority is appointed.

Layout Customizations

The frontend view of related product blocks depends on several settings allowing you to specify the number of featured products, their layout, sorting order, and additional elements.

Block Layout
Automatic Related Products enables you to switch on either a slider or grid layout of related product blocks. Your choice may depend on the web store's design, usability tests, or personal preferences.

The How to Display Section

The How to Display Section

Block Title
In order to simplify searching of definite related product rules, please name your rules closely according to their aims, occasions or product lines in the Manage Rules table.

Block Position
Sometime your customized page layouts may require different positions for related product blocks within the page, and we can offer you several options:

    • Product page. Instead of native related block.


    • Product page. Before native related block.


    • Product page. After native related block.


    • Product page. Content top.


    • Product page. Content bottom.


    • Product page. Sidebar top.


    • Product page. Sidebar bottom.


    • Shopping cart page. Instead of native cross-sells block.


    • Shopping cart page. Before native cross-sells block.


    • Shopping cart page. After native cross-sells block.


    • Shopping cart page. Content top.


    • Shopping cart page. Content bottom.

User Experience Enhancements

Automatic Related Products offers Magento admins a user-friendly interface and improved usability of administration. They can oversee, analyze and manage related product rules right on the spot or enter and edit any specific rule immediately.

Effectiveness tracking
The Manage Rules table, listing all the created rules, also offers you the information on the rule effectiveness, including related product rule views, clicks, and CTRs. Using this information you can determine most efficient promos and further improve your showings.

Manage Rules table

The Manage Rules Table

Quick Action
The list of related product rules allows you to create new promos, enable/disable certain rules or trash them right from the Manage Rules table.

You can also view the extensions’ documentation or contact support right from the backend of the solution.


The Automatic Related Products extension for Magento 2 is a flexible on-page promotional solution able to create a relevant product environment for your web site pages and increase sales. Beneficially, you independently determine all required settings and create related products block views and logics just on your own discretion.

If you need some additional information on this product you can visit its demo from the product page or refer to its documentation immediately from the demo’s backend.

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