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Simple Bundle Product for Magento 2: Quick Setting and One-click Purchases

The default Magento functionality provides rich opportunities for bundle creation. However, for some merchants, the configuration process itself seems too flexible and time-consuming.

Simple Bundle Product for Magento 2: Quick Setting and One-click Purchases

We are happy to minimize your efforts with our brand-new extension – Simple Bundle Product for Magento 2!

Improved User Interface

Let’s suppose you want to create a bundle with a particular set of products. With the native bundle product type, your shoppers will have to spend much time customizing the bundle. Only then will they be able to add the product to a cart.

Native Bundle Product

Native Bundle Product

Not only customization takes time but also the interface is overloaded with elements. Just look at this huge block below the product image; quite a few options here. What’s the point of showing them to customers if they can’t change anything but quantity?

Now let’s see how the same bundle configured in the Simple Bundle Product extension looks like.

Simple Bundle Product

Simple Bundle Product

The customization step is already skipped. Just click the ‘Add to Cart’ button and that’s it!

Note also that you can navigate to individual item pages right from bundle item lists.

Simplified Bundle Configuration

In the admin area, the process of bundle creation is now more intuitive than before.

All you need to do is to set the ‘Switch to Simple Bundle’ option to ‘Yes’ while creating a new bundle product.

Enabling Simple Bundle Mode

Enabling Simple Bundle Mode

The interface of the ‘Bundle Items’ section is now also much simpler. We made this possible with the following amendments:

  • The ‘Add option’ button was eliminated;

  • The ‘Option Title’ field now has a default value (configured on the setting level);

  • The ‘Input Type’ section is now hidden. It is already set to ‘Checkbox’ and ‘Required’. Customers can’t edit these parameters.

Simply put, the logic is the same as on the native solution but with fewer options. See the results in action in the picture below.

'Bundle Items' Section (Simple Bundle Mode)

‘Bundle Items’ Section (Simple Bundle Mode)

Simple Bundle Product makes the whole process quicker and easier. Moreover, it saves time on extra clicking and prevents additional page loading.

Let’s explore the following example: we need to create a bundle product that contains 4 items without any options for a customer to choose. For this purpose, you need to do the following:

  • Add the first product to the option (1 click);

  • Specify the option title (1 click);

  • Set the input type to ‘Radio Buttons’ (2 clicks);

  • Set the option as ‘Required’ (1 click);

  • Add a product to the option (at least 3 clicks if you don’t need to search for it);

  • Set the default quantity per bundle item (1 click);

  • Repeat the entire operation 3 more times (for each item in the bundle).

Result: 9+ clicks for a single item and at least 36 clicks to add 4 products to the bundle.

See how it is done with Simple Bundle Product:

  • Add 4 products to the bundle (at least 6 clicks if you don’t need to search for items);

  • Set the default quantity per item (4 clicks total).

Result: at least 10 clicks to add 4 items to the bundle.

36 clicks versus 10 means that with our bundle solution, you can create bundles almost 4 times faster than with the native one!

Also, we made some improvements to the ‘New Order’ page in the backend. When creating new orders, you can add the previously configured simple bundles them with no additional setting. Optionally, you can define the quantity of the added bundle(s).

Note that you can use simple bundles along with the native ones within the same store.


The Magento 2 Simple Bundle Product module speeds up the entire bundle creation process and removes the unnecessary elements from the frontend. With it, customers can make bundle purchases in the same quick fashion as simple products.

You can purchase Simple Bundle Product in our store now! Find more about the product in our user guide and see it in action in our demonstration store.