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Bambora APAC for Magento 2: One more way to feel comfortable with payments

Automate payment processing while providing extreme user-friendly checkout with Bambora APAC for Magento 2!

Many of you have heard of Bambora — a payment company that provides solutions for processing online payments, billing, transfers. After thorough research on the Bambora software, Aheadworks has grown interested in its advanced checkout functionality. We've put extra efforts into implementing the tool into the Magento platform to enhance the experience of handling payments for any merchant. With the extension, you get a completely secure payment gateway able to deliver fast results

Extension Features

    • Secure customers with the built-in Bambora input fields that isolate credit card data;
    • Stay relevant to PCI Security Standards as the extension do not define credit card data to any server but Bambora domain;
    • Benefit from SOAP API and Bambora WDSL combination to cover transactions steps fast;

What you get with Aheadworks Bambora APAC for Magento 2


Upon getting your credentials from the Bambora side, you can enable an additional payment method in your store. Trying the new method allows you to achieve the maximum of the desired checkout performance. As you add to your service with the fast SOAP connection and the fully PCI-compliant gateway. Magento 2 Vault support covers the industry-specific intention to reduce the number of steps in order completion and increases usability with archiving previous orders and data for re-use during the future purchases. Integration with Magento 2 Advanced Subscription Products aims to ease the billing process for any types of payments — one-time based or subscriptions.

For those whose audience belongs to the APAC region, we offer a most personalized payment solution. All the transactions are processed in the shared timezone with banks and customers. So that you are able to manage payments fast and avoid many typical issues or delays.

Bottom Line

Benefit from the extra payment gateway to expand your reach in both customer service and backend operations with Bambora APAC for Magento 2.

See the details on the extension page at the Magento Marketplace.