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Game-changing Smart One Step Checkout for Magento 2

Before entering checkout your customers pass a long way thru your store to be likely confident about their products and ready to make purchases. However, it’s not quite right.

According to, the average checkout abandonment rate in ecommerce is 25%. In other words, one quarter of your loyal customers abandon their orders at the last moment, which is a tremendous portion in the given circumstances.

Game-changing Smart One Step Checkout for Magento 2

The brand-new Smart One Step Checkout is made to break this frustration and allow Magento merchants to create and fine-tune their checkout forms knowingly and professionally.

Business Value

We made our best to enhance the next aspects of the one step checkout procedure:

  • Fast and Convenient. The whole checkout process takes only one minute still the extension gives customers multiple options for amending their shopping cart contents, shipping/billing information and carry out some other additional activities.

  • Professional. The frontend interface of the extension is made according to proven usability practices without any destructive or annoying elements. The backend allows Magento admins to configure and tailor the checkout form to their business needs.

  • Convertable. Smart OSC provides merchants with detailed statistics on the quantity of abandoned checkouts and lost revenue values. They can also track how customers pass through the checkout page and discover most embarrassing stages. Using this information store owners are able to improve the checkout process efficiently and with full control.

Smart OSC Functionality

Frontend General Description

The interface of the extension is made as an enclosed checkout form without any destructive elements, like footers or headers and aims to bring customers to purchases as soon as possible. By the way, all the pre-filled forms are collapsed so the entire checkout fits the one-page size browser area only making the checkout page easily comprehensible.

We used the one-column design as the most natural layout form with the styles taken from the native Magento theme for all elements, including colors, fonts, and button forms. Moreover, the responsive design of the extension make it convenient on any devices, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Smart One Step Checkout Frontend

Smart One Step Checkout Frontend

The sidebar to the right is a resulting block displaying shopping cart contents and several supplementary fields. Customers are able to change the quantity of selected products right on the spot or delete them from shopping carts. They can also use coupon codes, add notifications to their orders, and subscribe to newsletters before leaving the store.

Multiple hints streamline the whole process explaining certain options or reminding to fill required fields. All the names and tips are displayed inside the corresponding text areas in order to make the form clean and clear.

Frontend Checkout Elements

The checkout form includes several interface and functionality elements and starts with the title and description. Both the elements are customizable and intend to present your brand and shopping vision. So, you can specify them from the backend.

The extension offers customers two ways of checkout, as logged-in users or as guests. Logging in takes only a few seconds, but allows customers to take advantage of the autofill function and save time with no need to enter shipping and billing address details. As far as shipping and billing addresses are the most time consuming part of the one step checkout form the opportunity to fill them automatically shortens it significantly.

Logged-in customers are also able to change their stored shipping and billing credentials right here, if needed.

Those customers who have no accounts yet can purchase products with only email leaving the password field blank. However, this method is also available for the customers with registered accounts.

Even though guest customers need to fill the required fields by themselves, you can still help them. You can provide certain default values for shipping and billing address fields from the backend and simplify the procedure. This feature is especially useful for the merchants selling products to multiple guest customers from one location.

If a customer fills in some fields, leaves the checkout and comes back within one browser session period, he does not need to type the same again as the extension preserves the latest information. This way, customers spare no extra second and make their purchases swiftly.

Frontend Sidebar

The sidebar is an equivalent of the shopping cart on the checkout page, but that’s not all. It also displays shipping amounts, order totals, allows customers to use coupon codes and sign up for newsletters, add notes to orders and specify delivery dates.

The sidebar is positioned that way that the ‘Place Order’ button always appears at hand regardless of the form appearance or scrolling movement. The products being purchased are hidden by default, but if a customer wants to amend the quantity, or change configurable options, he can do this without leaving the checkout page.

When a customer reaches the end of the checkout page he just needs to press the Place Order button to complete the purchase. That’s all.

Security seals are positioned right below the ‘Place Order’ button. It is well known that security labels improve conversions and reduce abandonment rates. So, you can place any labels you like in this block and highlight them with your own comments on the payment security practices used in your store.

Backend Configuration

The configuration of the extension allows Magento admins to conveniently manage almost any side of the extension.

Thus, you can specify required title and description, enable the discount code and order notes functionality.

General Configuration Section

General Configuration Section

The newsletter subscription functionality is represented by two dropdown selectors. The first one allows you to enable/disable the function and the second one checks the box by default on frontend, so that customers just notice the subscription and pass by without a hitch.

In the Default Values block you can specify your prefered Country, State, and City options for billing and shipping addresses and provide default shipping and payment methods to be used for your guest customers.

Shipping and Billing Address Default Values Configuration

Shipping and Billing Address Default Values Configuration

The Delivery Date functionality added to the one step checkout form has two default modes: ‘Date and Time’ and ‘Date Only’. The first mode makes it possible to let customers select preferable dates and time slots, including days of week and hour intervals. You can also specify the days and periods unavailable for deliveries and suspension periods between order and delivery dates.

Delivery Date Options

Delivery Date Options

The customization of shipping and billing addresses is available via the dedicated form constructor enabling you to position and reposition the above fields according to your needs. Some fields are merged together, e.g. Country, State, and Postal Code or Company, Phone Number, and Fax. These fields are logically inseparable from each other, so such default combos make their management more comfortable and reliable.

Shipping Fields Customization

Shipping Fields Customization

The configuration block for trust seals allows you to place up to 3 security labels, add a secure payment label, and custom text with your comments on the the specifics of your payment security system.

Trust Seals Configuration

Trust Seals Configuration

Smart One Step Checkout Reporting

Abandoned Checkout Statistics. This detailed report shows the efficiency of your checkout in grid and chart views. The first chart shows the evolution of the checkout conversion rate for particular periods. The second one displays the number of abandoned checkouts, the amount of lost revenue, the number of completed orders and their volume. All the parameters can be viewed in one chart either together or separately.

Abandoned Checkout Statistics Charts

Abandoned Checkout Statistics Charts

The grid of the report includes all the above parameters, but here you can also filter and sort the received data according to your preferences.

Checkout Behavior Report. Checkout Behavior Report is a great tool that allows you to track the whole way a customer passes through the checkout process and find the bottlenecks preventing successful order completion.

The report shows how the customers who abandon checkouts move throughout the form fields and where exactly they leave. As soon as you get this information you can improve the form or make some checkout terms more advantageous in order to make customers pass the stage without restrains.

Checkout Behavior Report

Checkout Behavior Report

The provided statistics allows you to significantly increase checkout conversion rates, track the performance constantly, and early respond to any worsening events.

Enjoy the new level of competence!

The Smart One Step Checkout extension for Magento 2

Product Information

Currently the Smart One Step Checkout extension for Magento 2 is available for purchasing in our Magento 2 store. In order to reveal some additional sides of the functionality you can take advantage of the provided Installation Guide, User Manual and Demonstration Store.