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Magento Connect August Statistics

Hi there!

This blog post is not going to be a usual piece of statistics at least for one good reason: one year ago, in August 2011, I started my research. So Happy Birthday to Magento Connect Statistics! Congrats! We’re one year old now!

During that year, many things changed: Magento Connect itself, the mood of the research (it started out with a simple one-time idea coming from one of my colleagues and now it is a regular blog post in aheadWorks blog) and the audience which considerably grew in numbers. Yes, you fellow Magento Connect fans, I really appreciate your interest in stats and your positive feedback and comments.

So I decided to do some annual statistics this time. I mean what if we compare the results for the most popular categories through one year perspective? Sounds interesting, huh?

Let’s check this table:

MC Statistics Aug 12-13

Not bad, right? The growth rate goes starting from 7.4 to 11.6 new extensions a month!

As you can see, developers do their best to provide the community with various super-duper tools to rule the world of Magento. In other words, with all these extensions and things, you’re definitely geared for success, so don’t waste your chance.

Long live Magento Connect, the statistics and extensions, and people who made it happen.

Stay tuned!