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Magento Connect May 2013: Guess Who Jumped Twice Higher?

Hello, dear Magento Connect statistics fans!

June changed May, and summer followed spring. What thoughts has a new season brought? Dreaming about holidays, sunbathing, beaches, traveling, picnics or just idleness? All these ideas are pleasant and rest is very important for everybody. But all in good time, and now let’s turn to Magento Connect May Statistics.

In May there were no serious additional factors that could influence the growth of extensions in subcategories. Nevertheless the results look a bit unexpected. The leaders are familiar to the regular readers of our monthly Magento Connect Statistics reports. But the quantitative changes can be surprising. They can be explained as after-effect of great changes that were brought to the Magento Connect extension marketplace in February. But it’s time to look at numbers.

Magento Connect May Statistics 2013

Administration (+52)

The winner is the same for the second time in a row. We wrote about its modules in the previous report. In May the growth of extensions for this category is twice bigger than in April. If this tendency isn’t broken, we will have an enormous result by the end of the year.

"Administration" was noticed among leaders of Magento Connect statistics posts for 5 times. And it is the third result among all subcategories. So we can see that developers pay much attention to it. Why? Share your ideas.

Catalog (+50)

In spite of the fact that this subcategory is a little behind the winner, we see it for the third time among leaders of this year. And, by the way, it has the same position as in April. Such coincidence may turn into regularity if the Magento Connect extension marketplace doesn’t face any changes.

The growth of extensions in "Catalog" is also unexpected. Probably, people who follow our posts noticed that average growth of modules in this subcategory is +20. In May we can see +50 that is the biggest number ever recorded.

Payments & Gateways (+49)

Last time we viewed this subcategory in February. It had the growth +18 and shared the second place with two others. Now the growth is +49 and the third place. Compare. Where is the logic? Modules that are included in this subcategory play a serious role in eCommerce. Its quantity achieved 731 in May and this number is the second among all others at the Magento Connect extension marketplace.

42% of plugins are free, as well as the leading one in this subcategory. It notifies the buyer to which bank account he has to transfer the money.

Category & Product Page Enhancements (+39)

The undisputed leader of our reports takes the fourth place in May. It was well-observed in previous Magento Connect Statistics reports and doesn’t need additional description. The growth of extensions is also significant in comparison with the average one for this subcategory (+20). The total amount of modules was 672 in May.

Magento Connect Themes

The local winner is "Fashion & Apparel" (+14). There are 185 themes in this subcategory with the average price $101.

The second position takes "Computers & Electronics" (+12). It includes 84 themes with only 6 of them being free. On average merchants pay $91 for these themes. The leader of this subcategory has got the popularity score 123507.

"Home & Garden" occupies the third place (+9). As many as 70 themes belong to this subcategory. Almost 96% of them are paid, as well as the most popular one. The average price is $105.

"Styles & Colors" (+8) closes the leading group. This subcategory has 366 units with the average price about $200.

Skyrocketing popularity is diagnosed in Responsive Magento Themes segment characterized by easy adjustment to desktop, smartphone and tablet views. Not surprisingly, almost all of them are paid.


The developers of aheadWorks also made their contribution to extension subcategories. Three new Magento modules were released: Auction Pro, One Step Checkout and Better Thank You Page. And even in hot June our guys show no signs of slowing down.

What subcategories will be among leaders in the first summer month? What factors will influence their positions? I think that the ones, presented in this report, won’t lose their places. And what is your opinion? Share your ideas in comments. Keep in touch.