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Magento Events in May 2015: European Trio

We are just getting our breath after Imagine 2015 while other Magento events are around the corner already.

Amid this, Europe takes the baton over in May and promises us a great journey from Denmark to Germany and further to the Netherlands.

Magento Events in May 2015: European Magento Triangle

Situated almost next to each other geographically these three Magento events differ considerably. Meet Magento Germany and Meet Magento Netherlands are already traditional European conferences taking place for the ninth and seventh times, accordingly. Meanwhile, Meet Magento Denmark is just starting its way and tries to find its unique format and flavor. So, we wish Meet Magento DK good luck.



Meet Magento Denmark 2015
Meet Magento Germany 2015
Meet Magento Netherlands 2015

Meet Magento Denmark 2015

Meet Magento Denmark is the first Magento conference in Denmark and going to bring together about 200 attendees and speakers. Divided into two tracks it will comprise 11+ inspirational presentations aiming to reveal the latest trends within Magento and ecommerce.

Meet Magento Denmark 2015


Kolding, Denmark

The conference will take place in Kolding on May 7, an important Danish seaport situated in Kolding Fjord. Scandiс Hotel, the venue of the event, is located along the E45 highway not far from the center of the city.

The hotel is conveniently available both by car from Germany and by plane to Copenhagen, which seems to be the cheapest destination for distant guests.

Meet Magento DK is a one-day conference, but it promises to have a very intense program and discuss many thrilling topics:

    • Magento Ecosystem;


    • Magento 2;


    • Magento analytics;


    • Magento extensions;


    • Magento and SEO;


    • Product images;


    • Shipping;


    • Customers’ psychology;


    • Mobile conversions.

The board of speakers highlights many new faces and recognized Magento gurus.

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You can purchase tickets at:

    • 2.500 DKK - MeetMagento day conference ticket;


    • 2.800 DKK - MeetMagento day conference ticket + afterparty.

In our overviews we usually do not pay attention to organizers of conferences, while their input is of great importance and brings numerous Magento conferences to life. The organizer of Meet Magento Denmark 2015 is Customerwise A/S – Magento Silver Solution Partner executing and creating profitable premium e-commerce stores based on Magento.

Meet Magento Germany 2015

Meet Magento Germany is one of the oldest and most popular Magento conferences in Europe. This year it is held in Leipzig on May 11-12 and expects more than 600 participants from around the world.


Leipzig, Germany

Legendary Westin Hotel will host attendees in its cozy conference rooms situated on two floors this year that means more area for exhibitors and catering.

You can book a room in this hotel or take advantage of nearby facilities: Best Western Hotel Leipzig, InterCity Hotel, Marriot Hotel, Victor’s Residenz Hotel, and Motel One.

Located in the center of city Westin Hotel is easily accessible by train or car.

Meet Magento Germany 2015 is divided into three sections: Developers room, Conference Room, and Business Rooms and will discuss numerous and versatile topics, including:

Developers Room

    • Magento Application Security - Anna Völkl, LimeSoda Interactive Marketing GmbH;


    • Black Magic of Code Generation in Magento 2 - Sergii Shymko, Magento, an eBay Inc. company;


    • Magento 2: Insight about Performance - Max Yekaterynenko, Magento, an eBay Inc. company;


    • Writing a pure evil Magento Module - Fabrizio Branca, AOE;


    • Information Architecture: impacts on e-commerce - Alex Gotgelf, Netresearch.

Conference Room

    • Magento in an Omni-Channel-Setup: How to get rid of the payments problem? - Alexander Matthey, Adyen;


    • Implement A/B testing process in the company to start with conversion optimization - Guido Jansen, Dutchento;


    • Entrepreneurship, start-ups and business practices in China: the Journey from 0 to 1 - Yang CHAO, GiKoo Information Tech Ltd;


    • Showcase: Demonstration Mobile Shopping & „Click & Collect“ - Martin Gutsche, T-Systems Multimedia Solutions.

Business Room

    • Incremental Redesign and Product Development - Vanja Bunjevac, Inchoo;


    • Ecommerce and Fashion – How to leverage your sales using dynamic pricing strategies - Alexander Reschke, Webdata Solutions GmbH;


    • Case studies: Golfino: Magento & SAP, ANDRONACO,, CASAMODA.

The conference gathers more than 50 professionals speaking about Magento and ecommerce. We provide here only several names, while the whole list is much longer, of course.

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For this very moment you can choose among next four available options:

    • Two-Day-Ticket – Last Minute – 245 €;


    • Two-Day-Ticket – Merchant special – 125 €;


    • Day-Ticket – Last Minute - 140 €;


    • After Show Party Ticket – 45 €.

Meet Magento Germany 2015 is organized by Netresearch App Factory AG and Meet Magento Association.

Meet Magento Netherlands 2015

Meet Magento Netherlands is one more traditional European Magento conference, which takes place for the seventh time. Two conference days (May 27-28) will be full of inspiration and valuable information regarding Magento itself and everything that surrounds it.


Utrecht, the Netherlands

This year the conference will also include the Meet Magento Awards 2015 ceremony praising Magento companies in different nominations.

The conference is taking place in Media Plasa – a modern and innovative meeting venue in Utrecht.

The building is situated almost in the center of the city and easily accessible by different types of transport, including car and public transport.

Utrecht is full of beautiful hotels you can use for your staying.

The conference will be held over two days and after the event you will be able to participate in the official MM15NL hackathon on May 29.

On May 27 most speakers will concentrate on Magento thru presentations and multiple use cases.

The second day will be devoted to both Magento and ecommerce: trends in ecommerce, conversion optimizations, iOS apps, Google Tag Manger, Magento application security, crowdfunding, Magento 2, etc.

The board of speakers includes both native and international speakers.

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Due to the fact that the conference days differ from each other by their topics and can be not equally useful for different visitors, the organizers offer tickets for each day and the Hackaton separately.

Ticket Type Sales End Price Tax
Day 1 (May 27th) May 26 € 265 € 61.95
Day 2 (May 28th) May 27 € 160 € 33.60
Hackathon (May 29th) May 28 € 50 € 10.50

Magento Awards is the way to recognize the contribution of different companies to Magento. The contest contains six nominate categories:

    • Magento Community;


    • Magento Enterprise;


    • Magento Newcomer;


    • Magento Extension;


    • Magento Innovation;


    • Best contribution to the Magento community.

The winners will be announced on May 28.

The conference is organized by Dutchento – Dutch Magento Community giving impetus to the use of Magento in the Netherlands.

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