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Magento Events Overview: Bargento Sao Paolo 2014

We are glad to welcome you aboard and want to continue our journey through Magento-related events. This time we are crossing the ocean on the way from Spain (Meet Magento Spain 2014) to Brazil and our point of destination is Sao Paolo, Bargento Brazil 2014.

Bargento Brazil unites some regular Magento events held in different Brazilian cities: Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, Sao Paolo and some others.

It has its own format, different from most other Magento events. The organizers describe it as a meeting of like-minded people. Events usually take place in bars, where companies, developers, store owners and entrepreneurs carry on informal conversations. The first Bargento event of this year is Bargento Sao Paolo 2014, March 25.

Bargento Sao Paolo 2014 Agenda

The main presentation by Andre Gugliotti titled “How to sell more with Magento” will cover some useful and simultaneously simple tips and strategies, which facilitate to provide high-quality customer service and get more revenues.

The agenda also embraces three 15-minutes micro presentations:

  • “Optimizing Payments to Increase Revenues” by Renato Migliacci;

  • “Conversions – Strategic SEO” by Diego Ivo;

  • “New Dot Com – Extra Marketplace” by Rafael Barini.

Review of the new book by Andre Gugliotti  - Magento Themes - will close the evening.

Location: Aurora Bar - Rua Professor Atilio Innocenti, 277 - Itaim - Sao Paulo, SP.

For all our Brazilian readers, who would like to visit Bargento Sao Paolo 2014, we are pleased to offer a 15% discount event coupon.

There are still many Magento events ahead, so stay connected and we'll tell you more about them.