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Magento Live UK 2014: Best Presentations Overview

In our blog we widely announce upcoming Magento conferences, but most likely our readers still miss the main value of these events – the word of wisdom provided by conference speakers in their presentations.

So, we want to correct this omission and provide you small summaries of the most interesting and useful presentations from multiple Magento events. We are going to post main points and most valuable tips from those presentations you could easily choose the best for your taste and read them in details, if necessary.

We are starting from the latest Magento conference of this summer – Magento Live UK 2014. It was actually full of noticeable speeches, but we are going to highlight only those ones focused on marketing and sales.

MLUK14 Presentations

Transforming Retail into Me-Tail


Ben StavelyBen Stavely, Head of eCommerce, dotMailer Jonny DixonJonny Dixon, eCommerce Channel Manager, dotMailer

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The main idea provided behind this presentation is treating customers as individuals rather than just data in your reports. Shopping is a personal experience and requires from you a personal attitude to each customer.

Each customer has a lot of individual characteristics, including gender, age, habits, etc. These data is not obvious, but still can be derived from various sources as Magento store or social networks. For example, we can outline the profile of each customer basing on his purchase volume, dates of purchases, shipping addresses, and the data from multiple social media.

People also like to provide you the feedback about their purchasing experience, so do not hesitate to ask them about it. Furthermore, using of different available analytic services will additionally enrich your customer statistics, including their in-store behavior.

So, show customers that you care about them, send them only personal notifications, and remember: “A 5% increase in retention yields profit increases of 25 to 100%.” (Source: dotMailer).

Optimize Your Site Conversion for Holiday 2014


Matt AlthauserMatt Althauser, General Manager EMEA, Optmizely

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In his presentation Matt shares the experience gained by Optimizely through multiple tests made for their clients and defines several most important optimization areas you should pay attention to in your Magento store: user flows, category and product pages, and customer segmentation.

User Flows
This section of the presentation examines four cases of site forms optimizations, which confirm that the simplicity is the main principle of the interaction with customers within your online store. The reduced number of form fields in each case leaded to significant increasing of sign ups, conversions, or other types of engagement.

Category Product Pages
The best variant of a category or product page is not always obvious and the wisest decision is to test the changes before their actual implementation. Sometimes seemingly effective and attractive changes are not leading to real improvements, while truly efficient variants are not always conspicuous.

Customers Segmentation
Different customer groups may variously react to the same elements of your online store. The use case reveals that several variants of tested donation buttons may be equally popular and unpopular within different customer groups, as they all have different donation motivations.

This dissimilarity is true for groups segmented by different attributes: new and return visitors, mobile and PC visitors, London and Edinburgh visitors, etc. So, if any certain group is significant in the structure of your customers, you should better create a personal store interface for them for the sake of additional revenues.

The Importance of Performance & Security and Simple Steps to Achieve Them


Chris WellsChris Wells, CEO, Nexcess

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The presentation covers two issues well-known to each Magento store owner: Magento performance and security.

Magento Performance
All the experts advise starting small when you come to the Magento performance. This means that you can detect the problem, if you really have it, without any complicated tests. You will certainly see, if your site is slow and its performance doesn’t match your expectations.

The author primarily suggests taking care about the things that really matter, as their improvement can bring you the biggest benefits. Usually PHP is the bottleneck; however other improvements, like database server, CPU capacity, compression for JavaScript, CSS, HTML, images, pages caching etc., are also very important.

This section also contains a detailed Magento performance testing use case, with explanations and sequential comparisons of gained results.

Magento Security
Magento security is very important as possible breaches will definitely affect merchants’ goodwill and cause sales losses. But several not very complicated measures can help you avoid many troubles:

  • Keep Magento up to date;

  • Maintain unique user accounts per user;

  • Use a unique admin URL;

  • Require SSL (network encryption);

  • Restrict admin access to known allowed IP addresses;

  • Provide password security;

  • Ensure backups.

Creating a Better Experience through Responsive Design


Tom RobertshawTom Robertshaw, Managing Dircetor, Meanbee

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In his presentation Tom Robertshaw examines the opportunities of responsive Magento design for delivering excellent shopping experience to customers and shares several advices about its implementation.

Tapping the Omnichannel Opportunity


David Gorman

David Gorman, eCommerce Manager, Liverpool Football Club

Roger Wade

Roger Wade, Founder & CEO, BOXPARK

Sophie Gonin

Sophie Gonin, Strategic Account Manager, Magento Europe

Tom Lodge

Tom Lodge, ECG Senior eCommerce Architect, Magento

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In this presentation David Gorman and Roger Wade are talking about their companies and reveal the exclusive approaches to sales within the omnichannel strategy used by them.

These are just some presentations of the Magento Live UK 2014 conference, but you still can see the entire list on the event’s site. We hope that the above coverage was useful and you would like to see similar overviews traditional.

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