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Magento Online User Guides

Magento continues to improve consumer service standards and recently provided users with HTML User Guides for Community and Enterprise Editions.

A few months ago we highlighted new Magento Community User Guide and its great new features. Today we’d like to tell several words about the new format of guides presented by the Magento content department in HTML.

Magento HTML User Guides

Magento HTML User Guides

Magento Community Edition and Magento Enterprise Edition online user guides have some nice advantages over the PDF documents that preceded the novelty. Now you can refer to Magento User Guides via your browser and experience all the perks available online.

Responsive Layout

The guides have three display modes specially designed for desktops, notebooks, and smartphones. So, you can browse them on any device without any distractions. The only difference is that on desktops the navigation sidebar appears on the left, while on notebooks and smartphones it is hidden.

Advanced Navigation and Search

The main convenience of the HTML versions appears when you fall to the navigation, which is now much easier and comfortable. Navigation options are just multiple, but let’s get started from the very beginning.

The left navigation sidebar comprises three dedicated tabs: Contents, Index, and Glossary. The Content tab logically displays all Magento topics grouped by the functionality areas. If this is you first journey through Magento, start it just here. For a consistent trip use the “next” and “previous” buttons in the upper-right corner of all pages.

The breadcrumbs clearly display your current position within the content structure, so you can navigate to parent sections easily and embrace the whole related topic in details.

If you’d like to recollect a certain topic, the Index tab is the right place for you. Here you will find an alphabetical list of subjects and topics suitable for instant search.

And, the last tab – Glossary – allows you to search certain terms and their definitions.

For an instant start with the guides you can also use the search box located in the header and generate a list of topics containing your search terms. When you open one of the suggested topics for further study, the search term is highlighted across the text. In the case of multiple search terms the highlights have different colors for your convenience. In order to remove the highlights just click the “Remove Highlights” button in the top left corner of the main page.

Full-Size Images and Slideshows

The HTML guides contain full-size description images, which rise each time you click any screenshot. So, now you can examine all details of the Magento interface.

When functionality explanations require several images, you can take advantage of dedicated sliders.

Other Benefits

Online User Guides include an opportunity to print out any section of the content; still it can be not perfect sometimes. So, choose the PDF versions to get perfect results.

BTW, you can download either full PDF guides or just a certain content section in PDF just right there.


HTML Magento guides seem to be a justified transition from PDF formats as they add more convenience to the educational process and save users’ time. Online guides combined with PDF versions provide users with wider opportunities and greatly reduce usability obstacles and barriers.

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