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Help Desk Ultimate 3.3 Reveals Your Customers' Attitude

Someone may say that ecommerce is all about plentiful sales, but you should clearly realize that the basic reason for the success is the customer-centric approach and personalization.

According to the latest Econsultancy’s survey, the most exciting opportunity for this year is customer experience. 22% of marketers rank it as the top chance in 2015 and in next five years.

And who is the main generator of the perfect customer experience in your store? Of course, it is your support or customer service team. But, a careful attitude to your customers is impossible without some sophisticated tools, which help to reflect your care through a reliable and correct processing of multiple support tickets and customers’ appeals.

Now, you have that solution – Help Desk Ultimate from aheadWorks. Actually, multiple Magento merchants have already tried and appreciated it, but now it is better than ever before. Here it comes, Help Desk Ultimate 3.3.

New Features

Ticket Ratings
Further enhancing the excellence of customer service we added to the module an opportunity to rate tickets and the quality of the obtained support.

In addition to the ability of direct dissatisfaction expressions using the Escalate ticket button, now they can rate the quality of the provided help. Customers are able to provide their own sincere attitude and change it anytime they like during the ticket processing or after its resolution.

Ticket Ratings

Ticket Ratings

They can also rate tickets directly from received service emails and later within 15 days since the ticket closure.

This information is of much value for managing persons and the owner himself, as it reflects the efficiency and professionalism of each agent. Agents are not able to change ratings, so you can trust these data completely.

Ratings are easily available from the backend, as the Tickets grid contains the corresponding column or you can also revise it on the Ticket Information page.

This is an optional functionality and you can enable/disable it from the General Settings tab in the Configuration section.

On-the-fly Tickets Management
In order to streamline the management process of multiple tickets the new version of the extension contains an opportunity to change ticket properties directly from the Tickets grid via a dedicated popup. Now you can instantly change: ticket departments, help desk agents, ticket statuses, its priority, and even send a message to agents from here.

Tickets Management

Tickets Management

Tickets Tab on Order Pages
Starting from the current update the module adds the Help Desk Tickets tab to the Order View section, which embraces the tickets associated with this very order. The tab reflects the number of active orders in its name, so you have this information even before you enter the corresponding grid. With this grid you can create and manage tickets directly from the Order View section.

Furthermore, the same information (the number of active tickets assigned to a certain customer) presented the same way now is available from the Customer Information section.

Tickets Grid Extensions
Now the Tickets grid is even more informative as we added to it two new columns: Store View and Order #. If available, agents can track the store view a customer belongs to and the order number associated with this ticket right from the Tickets grid.

The same additional information is also provided on the Ticket Details page.

Other Features

  • The module reproduces the latest mode (WYSIWYG or HTML) of the WYSIYG editor in the Reply field of a certain ticket;

  • Primary Department is now the default department for newly created tickets;

  • Dates of orders are shown for each order in the dropdown list, when you create a new order.


The new features of Magento Help Desk Ultimate 3.3 will help you serve customers much better and let them express their attitude to your assistance and consultancy.

Please visit the product page to update or purchase this extension. In order to get a complete picture of the provided functionality refer to the dedicated documentation or our demo stores.

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