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Magento World Newsletter (February 9, 2010)

Thomas J. Watson said: “Whenever an individual or a business decides that success has been attained, progress stops”. We strongly believe that such thoughts never cross your mind as we do our best for you haven’t given up improving and developing your business and the traditional quick overview of our work done within the last month is the best proof.


We would like to start with the hottest news of January 2010 – since version 2.0 the Advanced Reports extension supports units attachment what means that you can set up this aheadWorks module for your store and add the reports YOU need:


Advanced Reports Units


Sales Statistics


The Sales Statistics features average order amount and average item cost data. This information is displayed on the chart. The other sales data (the number of orders, items, subtotal, tax, discounts, etc.) is reflected in this report type as well.

Sales by Manufacturer


With the Sales by Manufacturer report you can learn how many products of a certain manufacturer have been bought for a defined period of time.

Customers by Country


The Customers by country report displays sales data grouped by country. This report type allows you to compare the total number of accounts created in your store for a certain period of time with the quantity of accounts from which orders have been made.

New Forum Topics


User contributions


If you have a customization for our extensions and you would like to tell about it to other people – you are welcome to our forum. There is even a new topic added exactly for that purpose – User contributions. We believe that your ideas – especially localizations and code updates – can be really valuable and helpful for other store owners.

Blog extension by aheadWorks


We are glad to announce that everything concerning free Blog extension can be discussed in our Forum, namely in a new topic devoted especially to this software – Blog extension by aheadWorks. You can touch upon any item you are interested in:

    • General Questions


    • Feature Requests


    • Bugs


    • User Contributions

Feel free to express your thoughts in the Blog extension by aheadWorks topic of our forum.

New User Guides


Subscriptions and Recurring Payments User Guide


The Subscriptions and Recurring Payments User Guide makes the work with this aheadWorks extension much easier. In addition to covering all moments of the extension functioning – Subscriptions and Recurring Payments configuration, managing subscriptions, subscribers and subscription products, etc. – you will find out how to manage subscriptions for customer’s part.


You can download the User Guide from the Subscriptions and Recurring Payments page.

Follow Up Email User Guide


Follow Up Email is quite configurable and flexible extension with a bulk of different settings. The User Guide has been developed to become your irreplaceable helper in the Follow Up Email extension configuration, managing rules for emails, creating new email templates. The Examples chapter of the Guide will lead you from different rules and templates creation till test email sending. Screenshots perfectly serve for settings illustration and self-control – you can always check what you have done and what should be done.


To download Follow Up Email User Guide in PDF, please visit the extension page.

Updated Extensions


Advanced Reports


To assist your company in achieving success in today’s fast-paced, competitive global marketplace, the Advanced Reports extension by aheadWorks is ready to be your reporting partner. Not only does this Magento extension allow you to obtain more sales information than ever before, but you can also use the information you cull to better draw conclusions about the status of your business.


Current version: 2.0.2

Upgrade: recommended from any previous versions

Upgrade cost: free for all versions

What’s new:
   + Line "Total" for all Advanced Reports
   + Sales Report filtering
   + Unit's Engine
   + Sales Report redesigned
   + Products by Customer report
   + Magento Enterprise compatibility
   * Small resolution formatting
   * All Advanced Reports sorting
   * Sales Report crash for deleted product
   * Reports by month fix
   * Currency fix
   * Sales by Product optional products correct display


You can view all Advanced Reports features on the extension page.

Advanced Newsletter


Building upon all the inherent newsletter functionality that Magento offers, the feature-rich Advanced Newsletter equips you with a newsletter subscription and management system that will catapult your sales to greater heights. From newsletter sign-ups, mailing list creation and audience segmentation to the eventual mailing of the newsletter, Advanced Newsletter gives you everything you need to get the highest ROI from your newsletter marketing.


Current version: 1.2

Upgrade: recommended from any previous versions

Upgrade cost: free for all versions

What’s new:
   + Ability to insert subscription button/form via CMS block
   + Phone and Salutation fields added to subscription form
   + Delete, Subscribe and Unsubscribe admin options for subscribers
   + Adding and Editing subscribers from admin area
   + MailChimp unsubscription synchronization
   + Automated customers subscription basing on admin-defined rules
   + Multistore support
   * New customer were subscribed without considering subscription checkbox
   * Proper segment selection in customer area
   * Many minor JavaScript fixes and optimizations
   * Import of existing subscribers that were imported but not subscribed
   * Bug with ability to create duplicate of segment with the same code
   * Synchronization button works correctly with multistore now
   * Correct work with https
   * Minor bugfixes


To get whole list of features please visit the Advanced Newsletter page.

Product Updates Notifications


With the Product Updates Notifications extension from aheadWorks Co. you can alert your existing and potential customers updates about new products added to your store, new stocks and special offers. What’s more, customers opt-in to receive the updates they want, so you know that your notifications are going to a highly receptive audience.


Current version: 1.1.1

Upgrade: recommended from any previous versions

Upgrade cost: free for all versions

What’s new:
   * Javascript fix (incorrect "punDetect" variable declaration)
   * Usage of prefixes in database table names
   * Correct work with https


To get the list of Product Updates Notifications features please visit the extension page.

Follow Up Email


Follow Up Email is a powerful auto-responder and customer relationship tool that helps to keep your site in the customer's mind always. Use this automated email follow up extension and you'll never lose track of your customers even if they have abandoned their shopping carts.


Current version: 3.1.2

Upgrade: recommended from any previous versions

Upgrade cost: free for all versions

What’s new:
   + 'New customer signup' event
   + New 'Decimal' template filter modifier
   + Event cancelling by customer email only (not by email and initiator object)
   + Schedule more then one email on the same time
   + Mail encoding is UTF-8 now
   * url_resume in Multistore mode
   * Grouped products condition on order and cart-related events
   * BCC field is always empty in email preview
   * The URL generated via url_resume doesn't consider the store in Multistore
   * Sending test emails with empty test object IDs fields
   * Sending test emails on 'Customer birthday' event
   * Send E-mail from the Mail Log with certain conditions


You can view all Follow Up Email features on the extension page.

Minimum Advertised Price


With the Minimum Advertised Price extension, you can now sell your advertised products at the price you want, even if it is considerably lower than the minimum stipulated price. This is an extension that keeps everyone happy: your manufacturer/supplier because you are seen to adhere to their guidelines; your customers, because they get products cheaper; and of course, you happy, as more sales roll in with the lower prices.


Current version: 1.1

Upgrade: recommended from any previous versions

Upgrade cost: free for all versions

What’s new:
   + Configurable product support
   * Tiered prices disappear
   * Price of some product disappear
   * Minor changes


To learn the whole list of Minimum Advertised Price features please visit the extension page.

Subscriptions and Recurring Payments


Subscriptions and Recurring Payments extension from aheadWorks Co. adds a host of features to native Magento capabilities so that you can accept recurring payments and sell subscription products more easily and efficiently. Simply add this capability to add recurring revenue stream to your business model for products as diverse as info-products, software or bottled water.


Current version: 1.2.1

Upgrade: recommended from any previous versions

Upgrade cost: free for all versions

What’s new:
   * It’s available to add product to cart from grid view even if product requires subscription options
   * Magento clears quotes after N days and subscription loses billing and shipping addresses
   * ePay 0.00 transaction payment fee is displayed on order page for recurring orders
   * Subscribers list exporting error


Please find more information on the Subscriptions and Recurring Payments page.

Promotion of the Month!


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That was a brief review of our new user guides, Advanced Reports units, forum topics and updated extensions. We are always happy to get all kinds of feedback. If you need a new feature in our product or some extension - just let us know - it has good chances to be implemented.


Thank you for being with us and good luck to your business,

Sincerely yours,

aheadWorks Magento department