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Magento World Newsletter (November 11, 2010)

We, just as tens and hundreds of our subscribers, are in the expectation of November 24 – the day when Magento iPhone Theme from aheadWorks will be released.


If you learnt about this significant event in Magento world of mobile sales for the first time, you should also know that everyone who subscribed to this newsletter segment on the Main page of our site will get an essential discount on iPhone Theme during the first week of sales!

Promotion of the Month


Forget about outdated way of adding related products! The Automatic Related Products extension automates this process for you – just define the rules for cross-sells or upsells selection and let this software populate the block automatically!


This month you have a chance to get this feature-rich Magento extension with 35% off. But hurry up – the offer is limited. The discount can get only first 10 lucky bargees. Just add Automatic Related Products to cart and use the following coupon code:




The Automatic Related Products cost (for Community Edition): $64.00 (Original price: $99.00,
you save $35.00)


The Automatic Related Products cost (for Enterprise Edition): $259.00 (Original price: $399.00,
you save $140.00)

Updated Extensions


Help Desk Ultimate 2.6.4 – minor bug fixing release


The Help Desk Ultimate extension is a turnkey solution for Magento-based websites. It's a perfect customer care and support Magento module with an efficient case tracking and resolution system indispensable for a successful e-commerce business.


If you want to learn more about this module, please visit the Help Desk Ultimate page.

AJAX Cart Pro 2.2.2 – with downloadable products support


The AJAX Cart Pro extension effectively removes those annoying page reloads that frequently occur when users click "add to cart" and "delete from cart" options. Instead of reloading, items are added instantly with appealing animation effects.


To find more information, plese visit the AJAX Cart Pro page.

Market Segmentation Suite 1.1.4 – Magento Enterprise 1.9 compatibility


The Market Segmentation Suite extension for Magento-based stores offers you a powerful and sophisticated targeted selling platform so that you can plan and execute your marketing and merchandising strategies with pinpoint accuracy.


You are welcome to the Market Segmentation Suite page where you can find the module demo and complete description.

That was a brief review of our planned themes and updated extensions. We are always happy to get all kinds of feedback. If you need a new feature in our product or some extension — just let us know — it has good chances to be implemented.


Thank you for being with us and good luck to your business,

Sincerely yours,

aheadWorks Magento department