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Avoid "abandoned cart syndrome" and never lose track of your customers

With the Follow Up Email extension, you can make the emails automatically sent to customers and store administrator on any event – abandoned cart appeared, order obtained certain status, customer added product to wishlist, and so on. This indispensable tool will help you always stay in close touch with your consumers.

Since 3.2.2 version released today, Follow Up Email supports the Custom STMP Magento extension from aheadWorks. Such integration implies that your follow up emails will be sent through any configured SMTP server.

Native Magento possibilities don't allow sending emails to admin when, for example, an order is created or cancelled. It entails inconvenience as everything has to be checked manually. The Follow Up Email extension allows you to overcome these difficulties as in the new version an ability to specify the emails recipient (customers and\or admin) has been implemented.

In the 3.2.2 version, the following bugs have been fixed to make our Magento module work more stable:

    • Incorrect rule saving in Opera
    • Multiple rules saving after "Save" button click
    • Incorrect message occurs when email sending fails
    • Event for one of several orders cancels sending all mails to this customer
    • Incorrect image path in templates
    • Cron dies with memory shortage error
    • Display statistics error
    • Backend security violation
    • Incorrect work in multistore
    • Incorrect Advanced Newsletter integration
    • Subscribe checkbox is absent in Magento EE
    • Wrong rule processing in some cases


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If you want to learn all Follow Up Email advantages and features, please visit the extension page.