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Magento World Newsletter (September 20, 2010)

It is high time to sum up the work performed in the last of the summer months – August. We are proud to admit that aheadWorks carried out its activity in different directions at the same time, and now we are glad to introduce the achieved results – new Magento themes, aheadWorks reseller program, and extensions updates.

Promotion of the Month


Often the store price at which you are able to offer a product to your customers is lower than the minimum price that the manufacturers and suppliers allow you to display onscreen. Right up to the end of September you can get a sheet anchor – the Minimum Advertised Price extension – with 30% off discount and sell your advertised products at the price you want.


Just add the Minimum Advertised Price extension to cart and use the following coupon code:




The Minimum Advertised Price cost (for Community Edition): $110.00 (Original price: $169.00, you save $59.00)


The Minimum Advertised Price cost (for Enterprise Edition): $396.00 (Original price: $609.00, you save $213.00)


You have only 12 days to use the coupon – the offer lasts till October 1, 2010!

New Magento Themes


If you want to change the skin of your Magento website, our 37 new templates are at your disposal. The themes are in a price range between $139 and $169 and compatible with Magento CE 1.4*. The PSD source included in every package allows you to customize any theme to your taste.


Keep in mind that while purchasing 3 extensions, you can apply the following coupon code:




and get 1 our template as a gift.


To view all our templates and select the most applicable for your store, please visit the Magento Themes page.

New aheadWorks reseller program


Interested in offering a win-win proposition to your clients while saving time and money and increasing your revenues? If yes, the aheadWorks’ Reseller Program might be perfectly right for you. It is targeted at, and ideal, for software/ web application development companies, agencies or local integrators that develop and deliver Magento-based eCommerce solutions to their customers.


We have created a 3-tier structure for our reseller programme to ensure that it can suit a diverse range of partners, their requirements and the revenue commitment they can make:

    • Standard partner

      Discount: 25%

      Minimum revenue commitment: $1,000/Month

    • Professional partner

      Discount: 35%

      Minimum revenue commitment: $3,000/Month

    • Enterprise partner

      Discount: 45%

      Minimum revenue commitment: $10,000/Month

You can visit the aheadWorks Reseller Program page and find out more about this exciting opportunity!

Updated Extensions


Ultimate SEO Suite 1.1.1 – speed and performance considerable increase


Similar or even identical content accessible through multiple URLs can seriously hurt your website page rankings. To avoid such unwanted problem, use the Ultimate SEO Suite extension which adds canonical links to the head of each product page. Thus search engines will know the preferred URL that the duplicate content refers to.


Please, find more information about this aheadWorks extension on the Ultimate SEO Suite page.

Advanced Reports – extension and units upgrade


Improve the functionality of native Magento reports and create a complete picture of your business situation with the Advanced Reports extension! It's the perfect solution for all your reporting needs whether you want to display data from various charts, aggregate information by week or anything else.


You can find more about Advanced Reports on the extension page.


To view the list of additional reports, please visit the Advanced Reports Units page.

Z-Blocks 2.2.2 – now with WYSIWYG editor


The Z-Blocks extension allows you to create an unlimited number of static blocks and content items. Best of all, you don't need to manually change your template and layout files every time you want to add an advertising banner or other applicable information.


If you need more information, you can find it on the Z-Blocks page.


That was a brief review of our new themes and updated extensions. We are always happy to get all kinds of feedback. If you need a new feature in our product or some extension — just let us know — it has good chances to be implemented.


Thank you for being with us and good luck to your business,

Sincerely yours,

aheadWorks Magento department