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MagentoLive UK 2015: Presentations Overview

The UK has the biggest online market share worldwide in 2014 – 13.5%, and expected to reach 15.2% in 2015. (Source: And, Magento is one of most popular shopping cart technologies there.

British online merchants widely and effectively use Magento Community and Enterprise editions and willingly share their sophisticated ecommerce experience.

Magento Live UK 2015

In our post we highlight some picked presentations from MagentoLive UK 2015 (from both local and international speakers) and provide you with the announcement of Meet Magento Vietnam 2015, the first ever Meet Magento conference in Asia. So, be sure to reach the cover.

MagentoLive UK 2015 Picked Presentations

How to Create a Persuasive Customer Journey

Kath PayKath Pay, Marketing Director, Cloud.IQ
Kath is an internationally renowned speaker and trainer. She is recognized as the UK’s leading Email Marketer and heads up training for eConsultancy on Personalization and Email Marketing. Presentation / Video (Photo:

According to the presentation, unconscious decisions determine much of our behavior.  So, marketers should build their campaigns largely on this consideration. In her presentation, Kath describes some driving forces of human conduct and highlights the examples of their successful use.

People tend to appreciate reciprocity while communicating with merchants. For example, if you want visitors to sign up to your newsletter, it would be wise to offer them a discount or other tangible in exchange for time and loyalty. Still, the process should be pretty easy and not embarrassing. The form should include only several compulsory fields, and other fields should be optional.

Cognitive Ease
As far as most of us are quite lazy, we need an explicit guidance through actions, because it is much easier to follow recommendations rather than to go for a bumpy ride.

Marketer should always lead customers to actions, which is a good start for great customer journeys. So, use visual clues widely.

Loss Aversion
Most of people prefer avoiding losses more than gaining any benefits. Marketing incentives like “the last 10 items left” or “only one day left”, greatly influence buyers and make them complete their purchases.

Some Common Mistakes
“Submit” is a common call to action used in most stores for email signups. But, is it really so good? Here is the definition of “submit”:

  1. To give over or yield to the power or the authority of another (often used reflexively);

  2. To subject to some kind of treatment or influence.

From the definition, “submit” doesn’t look to be the action we’d like to perform. Using some other still proper calls you’ll be able to both become more relevant and differentiate.

Some Advices

  • Hick’s Law. Avoid an overwhelming number of offers, as it makes customers confused;

  • Goldilocks principle. Have three price options instead of one or two and place the destination price between marginal options. The most suitable price variant is always in the middle, as marginal options have usually some inappropriate parameters;

  • Test your website all the time you run your Magento store.

How Not to Fail at PCI Compliance

Chris WellsChris Wells, CEO, Nexcess
Having been involved with Magento products and services since its inception, Nexcess continues to push the envelope on performance, offering an optimized platform catering to specific client needs. Presentation / Video (Photo:

In his presentation Chris pays attention to the significance and importance of the transactions security and call merchant to be more responsible for customers’ sensitive data. In seven advices the presentation explains main benefits and challenges of the PCI standards compliance.

Don’t Store Credit Card Data
This issue is simple as, if you have no credit card data on your server, there is no need to protect it. Doing so, you considerably narrow you responsibility area and make your life easier.

Accept that PCI is an Ongoing Process
No one Magento store owner is able to apply the PCI standards and forget about them once and for all. This is a lasting process asking for continuous improvements, repeated actions, and constant audit of the security status.

Read the PCI-DSS Requirements Document (implement everything you can)
There is nothing to add to this advice. The more requirements your online store meets, the more secured your critical data is.

Assume 100% Responsibility for PCI
You should accept the thought that you are on forefront of the struggle for the transactions safety. Your responsibility and actions should be spread over all functionality areas, while other vendors (hosting, extension providers, etc.) just strengthen your status.

Get Used to Asking “Does this Affect PCI?”
Any action or change, which has direct connection or just distantly related to your store, should be analyzed in regard to its possible creation of vulnerabilities. Uncommon places to access Magento, Wi-Fi connections to the admin area, multiple devices used to enter passwords, etc. – all this should be previously adjusted from the viewpoint of safety.

Document Everything
PCI is a wide area including multiple points and you need to record all changes and their results to compare the benefits or, possibly, disadvantages you get with them.

Ask for AOC (Attestation of Compliance)
This attestation is a competent confirmation of professional qualities and responsibility of your vendors.

Of course, PCI is very difficult and requires a lot of efforts to be properly done, but you should also consider that “…no compromised entity has yet been found to be in compliance with PCI-DSS at the time of a breach” (Ellen Richey, Chief Enterprise Risk Officer at Visa Inc.).

Magento Store in 90 Minutes

Deryck HarlickDeryck Harlick, Training Facilitator, MageTraining
Deryck is a Magento Certified Solution Specialist (MCSS), trainer and joint owner of MageTraining. Deryck is a strong advocate of the Magento community and can be found at many events. Presentation / Video (Photo:

Brent PetersonBrent Peterson, Magento Evangelist, Wagento Creative
Brent is Wagento’s Magento Evangelist and Head Coach. He is responsible for spreading good news of the Magento brand through all channels and helping clients understand how Magento’s products can work. Presentation / Video (Photo:

The presentation with a very promising name from Deryck and Brent was made in the uncommon way of live performance on the stage. It provides some useful tips of Magento installing, configuration, inventory management, etc. to make a fully functional store without any coding knowledge really fast. Watch the video!

Meet Magento Vietnam 2015: Asia on Board

Meet Magento Vietnam 2015 is the first Asian Meet Magento conference and takes place in Hanoi in 2015 for the first time on August 22.

The organizer, SmartOSC Corporation, poses a great challenge to gather in one room 500 attendees with the same interest. Their main target is to create a bridge between the platform and business to obtain mutual benefits. We wish the conference,good luck and welcome it aboard!

Meet Magento Vietnam 2015

Meet Magento Vietnam 2015 is hosted by Sheraton Hanoi Hotel, which is situated on the shore of the Hannoi’s West Lake not far from the city center. The participants of the conference can take advantage of the special offer provided for them by the hotel.

Today, you can still benefit from the limited amount of early bird tickets available for $39, including VAT. Purchase it right on the tickets page.

The conference is going to have two tracks: business and technology ones. The agenda is defined completely, so you can call for paper yet.

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