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Meet Magento Italy 2015 + MUC Mage Unconference 2015 Announcements

Meet Magento Italy 2015

Communications is at the heart of e-commerce and community.
- Meg Whitman, President and CEO of Hewlett-Packard

Magento pays much attention to its customers and the entire community. In their turn, true Magento enthusiasts and fans do their best to spread the word about the platform everywhere they feel it can be useful and positively received by online merchants, web agencies, developers, etc.

The Italian ecommerce market is one of those priority locations for Magento, which has a solid commercial background and developed culture of purchasing products online. These two reasons and the passion of Meet Magento made the first edition of Meet Magento Italy a great success and real breakthrough.

Thomas FleckThomas Fleck at Meet Magento Italy 2014: Italy is a very important market for Magento. We see the growth (of the market) in all areas. And when I come here and see the full room of people waiting for the latest news from Mageno, it proves me right that Italy is a very important market”. Image source:

Ecommerce in Italy
According to PayVision, the internet penetration in Italy assumed about 60%, while the country’s population is about 61 million people, among which about 13 million are online shoppers.

Italy is the most growing ecommerce market in Western Europe, which made more than 11 billion euros in 2013, according to Eropean B2C E-commerce Report 2014. This is the second position among the countries of South Europe, closely behind Spain. The share of Italy in the European b2c ecommerce market amounts 3.1%.

Mobile commerce is booming in Italy and increased by 37% to 694.4 million euros in terms of turnover in 2013, according Eropean B2C E-commerce Report 2014.

So, we have a strong reason to believe that Meet Magento Italy 2015 has all chances of success and is able to become a terrific local Magento event in Italy.

The conference incorporates two eventful days dedicated to new ecommerce trends, platform’s technical facilities, use case studies, etc. As usually, it will be a great chance for entrepreneurs to contact each other and international ecommerce experts, establish new business connections and get more useful knowledge.

As the last time, the conference will consist of two tracks: business and technical ones. The organizers expect about 400 attendees and multiple local and international speakers.

The conference will be held at Hotel Michelangelo, Milan, on March 5-6. The venue is perfect for such events as it is situated at the intersection of multiple transport routes and has all necessary facilities for meetings.

Today you can benefit from the special ticket price, which allows you to visit all presentations of both tracks and includes each day hot meal and two coffee breaks for only 139 euros. This advantageous offer is time-limited and valid until December, 23. Do be quick!

Meet Magento Italy definitely further develops the growing Italian ecommerce market and gets its own benefits, of course. Hope that this mutual advantage will grow in the future and ensure the Italian edition of Meet Magento a long life.

MUC Mage Unconference

The only way to do great job is to love what you do.
- Steve Jobs

As is known, really enthusiastic people push the planet forward. So, you should truly love the things you do in order to get a stunning success. I think that the statement above is completely applicable to the organizers of the MUC Mage Unconference, which takes place in Berlin, on March 7-8.

According to its name, the conference format stands aside from the Magento events we are accustomed to. It is going to be something new, inspirational, and … full of fun.

The main idea of the event is to bring together all Magento enthusiasts and let them freely communicate, hold discussions, and share their expertise. All the participants will be able to influence the conference stream offering their own topics or becoming a speaker on any topic just right there.

Here is how the organizers see the schedule of the upcoming unconference. The day will start with the collecting of contributions (talks, workshops, tutorials or discussions you can give or moderate) and particular interests (things the attendees want to hear about, learn, or make sure).

Then all the suggested and requested topics will be properly organized, merged or split, depending on the wishes of the participants.

Each participant will have an opportunity to vote for certain topics or presentations. Those presentations, which gain the highest number of votes, will form the final timetable of the event.

This way, MUC Mage Unconference can be described as an informal way of communication for interested store owners, developers, agencies, etc.

The unconference is going to be held at Institute of Computer Science of the Freie University, Berlin, Germany. The institute is situated in the south-western part of Berlin next to the botanic garden and botanic museum.

The organizers offer two kinds of tickets - for individual comers and company based attendees. The last ones will be able to get a regular invoice for tax authorities. Visit the page of the event and choose the most suitable option, please.

So, the originality of this event is really appealing. We hope that it will be positively perceived by Magento enthusiasts in Europe, or even worldwide, and the first edition of MUC Mage Unconference will become a real Magento event with multiple attendees, still carrying its identity and unique spirit.

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