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Meet Magento Netherlands: Get Treatment from Magento Doctor Peter Samoilov and Welcome to Our Stand #6

Hey guys, what are you up to in May? If this breezy month is too charming for you to stay home and devote your entire time to work, go pack your stuff and join aheadWorks on the trip to Ede, the Netherlands. On May 29-30 this Dutch city will become a national meeting point for Magento merchants and developers, where we all will have fun, practice active networking and do business at the same time. Yes, Meet Magento Netherlands is coming and we know what might blow your mind.

Meet Magento NL

As Meet Magento NL participants and friends of organizers, we have 5 FREE tickets available for merchants to visit Meet Magento NL.

No lottery will be conducted, ‘first come, first serve’. I remind you that there are just five of them, so hurry up to contact me with a free ticket request at [email protected].

Worthy gentlemen from aheadWorks will be glad to shake hands with you during the meetup whirl. Don’t bypass them: aheadWorks stand is #6 and we mark it for you on the floor plan.

aheadWorks stand

We’ll also bring lots of souvenirs and discount coupons, thereby, giving you one more good reason to stop by our stand #6.

There is one more thing to remember. Peter Samoilov, CTO at aheadWorks, will be at your service as Magento Doctor for a while. Feel free to schedule a meeting with him at [email protected] in advance. As an authorized doctor, he will wear a white coat and provide you with answers to dev questions you would like to challenge him with. ;)

Peter Samoilov

Even more to this: those attending Guido Jansen's Magento Introduction Workshop on May 29 will also get special treatment from aheadWorks.

About the event: The forth Meet Magento Netherlands conference is organized by Magento Dutch Community Manager, Guido Jansen, and will feature presentations on various Magento topics such as tips, tricks and the latest innovations in the Magento ecosystem. Meetup program is already defined and speakers (including Co-Founder of Magento Roy Rubin and ex CTO of Magento Yoav Kutner) are confirmed.

Over 400 Magento developers, enthusiasts, partners and professionals are expected to attend.